My Sister’s Wedding – The Reception

The official photo session was done, and we were a few bottles of champagne and a beer in when the bridal party poured out of the limo into the Poughkeepsie Grand. There was still about 30 minutes before the cocktail hour started, so I decided to find my family and kids, and see if all had gone well while my husband and I were away. I called my mom to find out the kids had been watching the iPad the entire time and never napped. Great… 

My mom joined me with my kids just before the party started and both were as whiny as you’d expect over-excited and over-tired kids to be. Soon the doors opened to the cocktail hour, and the guest who were in the bar area streamed into the reception.   

In the cocktail hour the guests started to relax, talking with friends and getting into the party mood.


In the meantime, the bridal party and some of the family chilled in the bridal suite, eating our own hors-de-oeuvre, and drinking the signature drink.

Soon the maitre’d ushered the guest to the main reception room, and let us know that it was time to line up for the big entrance.   

My sister did the traditional entrance, with everyone walking in by pairs. The bridal party walked in to the Indiana Jones theme song, allowing us to have a little fun with the entrance.


One member of the bridal party missed the grand walk-in. My daughter finally crashed at the cocktail hour, and had to be carried in to the reception room.


Once in, it was time for the first dance. My sister and her husband picked Elvis Presley’s “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”.


Afterward my sister danced with my father, and her husband danced with his mother. I managed to cry profusely through both dances (partially because I had a few too many at this point).


But enough with the romantic stuff. Then it was time to get this party started!


Everyone was on the dance floor. This was a group who loved to dance, and they made sure to dance almost the entire reception.


Even the kids got into it, dancing most of the night as well. My daughter woke up at some point, and spent the rest of the evening run around the dance floor.


However, this was a wedding reception. We needed to be sure to hit some of the traditional reception highlights.   


We had the speeches honoring the couple, which mostly had us laughing hysterically the whole time.


You can’t have a wedding without the traditional cake cutting ceremony. The couple are huge Dr. Who fans, so topper was a couple running toward the TARDIS


It’s not a wedding without the bouquet and garter toss. The party also took it a step farther and made the embarrassed couple who caught the two prized possessions sit in front of whole party as the guy put the garter on the single girl.


Before anyone knew it, the party was over and it was time to turn in for the night. Well, it was time for the couple to turn in for the night. Most everyone who was staying at the hotel went to the bar for the afterparty. While we had a good time drinking with friends and family (while my kids stayed with my under 21 cousin, thank you!) I reflected on the evening and the days events.
Weddings are about love, and celebrating a commitment to stay together for the rest of their lives. I hope my sister and her husband are always as happy as they were on this day, and they remember the love they had at this moment if times get tough. I wish them a lifetime of happiness, and I’m grateful that they let me and my whole family share in this special day.   


The wedding was full of loving couples. May they be an example for my sister and her husband in their future married life together.

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