My Sister’s Wedding – Photos at the Park

My sister was officially married! They had exchanged rings, lit the unity candle, been declared man and wife, and kissed. We had taken photos in the church but my sister wanted to get some portraits done by the Hudson River. The kids were wound up, so we sent them off with their designated care givers (Thanks mom!) and just the bridal party loaded into the limo to head off to a pre-scouted out spot riverside.   

Fun in the limo! The limo driver broke out champagne and we brought more of our own. By the time we got to the park, most of us were 2 or 3 cups in. The girls on almost no food…


We get to the park, and immediately started on the formal posed portraits. The weather was gorgeous and the back-drop was amazing so it was a breeze to get beautiful shots.


Lovely posed portraits by the water

But formal posed shots were boring, and we were a few bottles of champagne in.


First the couples started to get a little playful


Then the bridal party got down right silly. We got competitive on who could do a more creative shot set up. While our Charlie’s Angels was classic, the guys really nailed it with their mobster stand-off.


After some fun with the pictures, we noticed a table. The girls settled in for a break. The limo had had to drop us off a fair distance from the location we were shooting, and the girls were all in gorgeous looking formal shoes.


These shoes were not made for walking


As the bridal party got more tired and refused to move from the table we had some fun with pictures right there. These turned out to be some of my favorites.


Soon the champagne over took us and we started to get a little too silly…


After we captured all the photos, it was time to make the long walk back to the limo. On the way, we saw an event for the local children’s museum on the side of the river. As we walked past, a guy came out recognizing my sister’s new husband and his twin. Turns out, they had all gone to high school together. He invited us in for a drink. In full wedding regalia we all entered the party and grabbed a beer. Everyone in the party cheered, and yelled out congratulations. Three sips in, a uptight looking lady came over. “I’m sorry, but you can’t be here if your not invited.” We all looked at each other and one of the bridesmaids yelled out “That guys just invited us” pointing to the gentleman that invited us in. She looked at our host with an annoyed look, then looked back and said sternly “I’m sorry but you have to leave.” We didn’t want to cause trouble so we agreed to go. Several party attendees groaned out of “No! Don’t go! Boo!” as we left.

However, we still all had our full beers. In an act that I’m sure annoyed the lady who kicked us out even more, we then stood right outside the pavilion and proceeded to chug our beers. Why let good alcohol go to waste? As we walked to the limo one of the bridal party said “This is great! I’ve never been in a wedding where we were randomly invited to a party AND kicked out on the same day!”   

Having a great time minutes before we were kicked out

We headed back to the limo laughing and limping (at least I was). Once we were in, we laughed and joked all the way to the hotel. Pictures were done. Let the party begin. To be continued

*Most photos taken by Atma Photography

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