My Sister’s Wedding – The Ceremony

After the chaos of the wedding prep session, it was time to head to the church.

The bridesmaids and my dad went to the church in the limo, where we opened champagne to “relax” a bit. After I had the champagne I realized I never ate lunch…

My sister was getting married in her husband’s family church, Poughkeepsie United Methodist. An beautiful building, with a large open parish, it served as a majestic backdrop for this auspicious occasion.

Prior to the ceremony starting, the family was walked in, the boys were lined up, and the mothers of the bride and groom lite the candles that would be used for the unity candle ceremony.

In the back room, as we gathered and waited, the kids were filled with excitement and the bridesmaids were filled with tears and joy. We all love my sister and were overwhelmed on this day (the champagne on empty stomachs may not have helped). I looked at my sister, all dressed in white, next to my dad who was dapper and nervous, and flashed back to our childhood. I could still see the little girl who joined me in my crazy antics, who always wanted to be with me and my friends. I remembered all the broken hearts and all the times she was so sad in life. I was so grateful to see her content and ready to take this big step.

The paster walked in and told us to line up. It was time.

The three bridesmaids were all emotional walking down the aisle.

The ring bearers and flower girls were on their best behavior.

Finally it was time. My father walked my sister down the aisle. There were tears in his eyes as he gave away his youngest daughter.

I watched as my dad passed on my sister to her future husband. The happiness I saw in the couple brought a joy I never imagined.

At the alter, happy and ready for the vows they were about to take.

The couple wanted to make the day special by making sure to involve all they loved. In addition, they worked together to include rituals that were important to them.

The readings were done by close family.

Both felt strongly that a unity cancel was an important symbol of the two families joining together. They also did the traditional exchanging of rings, and included communion to celebrate the holiness of the occasion.

As the ceremony went on, family and friends watched to support the couple and witness the special life event. My favorite scene was seeing the groom’s brother and his wife, in a tender moment, reflecting on the love they have, and the love they see before them.

Finally the rituals were done. The preacher announced they were husband and wife. And like that, my sister was married.

Sealing the deal

With excitement and tears, we all walked out of the church into the brilliant sunlight of the crisp fall day. The mood was jovial as everyone congratulated the couple and commented on how beautiful the wedding had been. There was a festive spirit in the air, everyone was happy. Love and joy crossed to everyone as we all felt privileged to be a part of the day.

The festive mood outside the church as everyone congratulated the couple.

After the receiving line, we had the bridal party and close family and friends return to the church to do some posed pictures with the couple at the alter. At this point, my duties switched from bridesmaid to photographer assistant. We were on a tight schedule so I was barking orders and lining people up so we could rotate through and get all the photos done. The kids were getting tired, so we had to get them and the designated care takers (my mom played that role for mine) done as fast as possible so the kids might be able to get back to the hotel for some semblance of a nap.

There were a lot of posed shots but this was by far my favorite.

Once the formal pictures were done, the bridal party went outside and prepared to load into the limo once more. My sister and husband wanted some posed pictures by the river. But these, were decidedly more fun and playful. To be continued…

A champagne toast before getting in the limo. I promise more drinking to come.

* Most photos taken by Atma Photography

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