2015 – The Year of the Wedding

I’ve said this a number of times this year, and on the last day of 2015,my top 5 posts prove it: this was the year of the wedding. This year, almost all our traveled centered on weddings.   

This year I was on 15 flights (between personal and work travel), went to New Jersey 3 times, Boston twice, attended 3 weddings and 1 bridal shower, and left the country once to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary. I watch my son move into beling responsible for a carry-on bag, allowing me to even fly carry-on-only once with the kids. (We checked our bags at the gate, but it still counts).

Blogging this year was not as productive as I would have liked, work and personal life seemed to get in the way more than usual this year. I posted 20 new posts (including this one) this year. According to WordPress in terms of views, here are my top 5 posts written this year.

#5: Attending a Wedding with Children in Tow


In June, we attended a wedding in Boston of my cousin and his fiancé. It was a beautiful elegant affair, and my children had a grand time dancing and admiring the princes. To top it off, a few weeks later, their marriage was legalized in all 50 states.

#4 Birthday Party – Mumbai Style 


My son turned 5 at the end of 2014, and had multiple birthday parties to celebrate. This one chronicled the party in Mumbai, with our Indian family

#3 My Sister’s Wedding – The Reception


I did a four part photo series on my sister’s wedding. Here is the finale, the reception, which was all about fun and celebrating.

#2 My Sister’s Wedding – Wedding Day Prep


Part of the photo series on my sister’s wedding, this post chronicled the preparation in the bridal suite, before the big ceremony.

#1 My Father’s Wedding


I think this one was so well liked because everyone loves to hear of people finding happiness after heartache. My parents split years ago, and here I chronicled what it was like to attend my father’s wedding as he married his late-in-life love.

Next year will bring all new adventures. Due to some life events that happened late in the year and threw our family on its head, we have made a series of changes as well. Both my husband and I have new jobs, my husband concentrating on his own entrepreneurial venture, and me leaving a large firm to work for a more agile small company with some ex-coworkers. But the biggest change, we are fulfilling the American Dream and buying a family home. That means next year will see less travel trips and more stay-cations and shorter trips. But don’t worry, I’m sure we will see a trip or two to New Jersey as well as me exploring some new places as my new job takes me there.

Happy New Year!

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