My Sister’s Wedding – Wedding Day Prep

I started the year saying that 2015 was the year of the wedding. We had my dad’s wedding in January, travel to Costa Rica for my 10th wedding anniversary in April, and a wedding for a cousin in June. It all cumulated in my sister’s fall wedding in Poughkeepsie, New York. Since this was my sister, my whole family was involved. Both my children and myself were in the wedding, and my husband was the photographer. This meant we were very busy all day long. It gave me a unique perspective on the day, and I couldn’t consolidate it in one post. I decided to give you a photo essay over a few posts, looking in-depth at the day, from my point of view.   


The day started early, with my sister getting her hair and make-up done in the bridal suite. Our stepmother is a beautician so she handled hair and make-up on site.


My husband took this time to take pictures of the details of the dress. The delicate lace, the beautiful tiara, the glamorous belt; each piece was exquisite.


At some point, the kids came into the room to get ready and the bridal suite quickly became a zoo. With 6 kids in the wedding, we saw lots of flashes of white and black as they ran around giddy with excitement.



The rest of the bridesmaids and family came to get ready and it was time for the finishing touches on the bride.


There were a few shenanigans before we headed out to the church.


To be continued

** All photos taken by Atma Photography.

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