My Father’s Wedding

It looks like 2015 will be the year of the wedding.  All my travel plans this year center around weddings and anniversaries.  However, while the other events I had fair warning, this January wedding came as a bit of a surprise.  My father and mother, who have been separated for many years, had finally decided to make things legal and get a divorce.  Once that was done, I knew that my father would likely marry his long time girlfriend.  However, I did not expect to find out in December he planned to marry her…in January.

Seeing how the tickets were starting to get expensive, it broke our heart but we decided to let my husband sit this one out while I traveled alone with the kids to New Jersey to partake in the celebration.  With little vacation time, I packed up our formal clothing and took the kids to New Jersey the evening before the wedding, giving them little time to adjust.  


This was taken 5 minutes before the wedding was suppose to start...Thank goodness the bride was late!

Since my children play a special role in their lives, my father and stepmother felt it was only fitting to have them play a special role in the wedding


The ring bearer and flower girl

The wedding was a beautiful ceremony, celebrated in Spanish, where the two took their vows and symbolized their commitment with both rings and traditions that represented my stepmother’s Mexican culture.  


The happy couple


They asked their eldest daughters (me and my new stepsister) to perform the lasso ceremony

Once the ceremony was done, everyone went to a small restaurant known for it’s Latin cuisine for an intimate reception.  


The favors were all handmade by the bride


My father and his beautiful mother


Its not a Latin wedding unless there's dancing! My daughter just LOVED the Mariachi band.


Cutting the cake...Note the ring. Don't get used to it, my Dad hates jewelry and it was off before the night was over

While everyone had a good time, by the end of the night, my kids were at the end of their rope, operating on too little sleep and a three hour time difference.  


My tired bears didn't want to pose for any more pictures

As fitting a second wedding, this was a much smaller affair than the large 100+ guest weddings I’ll be attending later this year.  But I loved that the bride and groom didn’t make it feel like a second wedding.  They incorporated all the small details that made it special for them.  From the elegant gown, to the laso ceremony; from the mariachi band, to the cake cutting and bouquet toss, the couple included all they wanted that made this their wedding.  

As an adult (who grew up with her parents happily married, and then had to live through their split after I was “grown and settled”) it was difficult at first to wrap my head around watching my Dad marry someone else.  But I know that my dad has found a companion that he is happy with, and who loves me and my children.  I’m glad I got to participate in this life event, and see my father move forward with his late in life love.  No one wants to see their parents divorce, but I hope that all who do, get to see their parents find the happiness and companionship that both my parents have managed to find.

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15 thoughts on “My Father’s Wedding

  1. I’m so gald I didnt miss reading this post. Your pictures tell a nice story and I almost feel like I was there. It was good to see a picture of your grandmother. She looks great. I so glad there was a happy endin for all..

  2. How kind, understanding, and compassionate you are about your parents divorce and his finding love again. It’s sad when a marriage ends but the happy ending comes when everyone finds their special person, or not, if time alone is more important, for now. I so get the tired and exhausted faces of your beautiful children. I think it’s hard for little people to take in all of the stimulus that emotional events can bring. I loved reading your stories and your photos match up perfectly with what is happening at the time. Congratulations to your Dad and his new Bride.

    • Thank you very much! It’s still hard and sad at times, but I remind myself of the wonderful new people in my and my children’s lives, and the love they bring with them.

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