Place in the World – My Favorite Places

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was “Place in the World”. I wanted to explore what my favorite places were, and where I can be happy the minute I am there: This has been a part of the WordPress Photo Challenge: Place in the World *Starred photo taken by Atma Photography

Prolific – Snow in Spring

On our recent spring break trip, we went back to the east coast to visit family. However, we were surprised with an unforeseen weather event – snow in April! My California son was throughly delighted at the sight and experience. He was sad when it melted just a few hours later (as spring snow often…

A Face in the Crowd – Street Photography

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, A Face in the Crowd, encourages photographers to post unique photos of crowds or members of crowds. For this, my husband and I collaborated to highlight some of his favorite street photography from our travels around the world. Below are my husband’s photography’s and his thoughts on why they were…

Sweet – Favorite Desserts

One of my favorite parts about traveling near and far is trying new food. Having a sweet tooth, dessert is always the course I am most looking forward to. This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge let me look at and review some of my favorites. This has been a part of the WordPress Photo Challenge: Sweet

Beloved – Old Dog Seeks Adventure

At 22 years old and fresh out of college I decided I didn’t want to live alone and wanted company. So I bought a dog. An 8 week old beagle puppy I named Shadow. Shadow was all energy and honestly quite a handful in my tiny apartment. But he was lovable. And it’s thanks to…