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This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, A Face in the Crowd, encourages photographers to post unique photos of crowds or members of crowds. For this, my husband and I collaborated to highlight some of his favorite street photography from our travels around the world. Below are my husband’s photography’s and his thoughts on why they were selected:

Disneyland, Los Angeles California – Here I loved how the people watching the World of Color show ended up being silhouetted due to the night sky and spectacular colors of the show.

Balboa Park, San Diego California – The innocence and delight of children as they chase after bubbles is a beautiful sight. Here you can see all the children and their excitement, as well as the way the bubbles catch the light on the beautiful day.

Women’s March, Oakland California – The Women’s March was a powerful experience. Here I managed to catch a young girl, held up high, and holding a sign with no words but full of meaning. This little girl is powerful, and she is not afraid to show it.

Red Fort, New Delhi India – This photograph is all about the implied lines. Here you see the crowd as a part of the picture, all pointing to the Mughal architectural style archway that is ubiquitous in Northern India.

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris France – On a quick 24 trip to Paris, I took to the street with my camera to capture some street photography. Here I loved the juxtaposition of young and old, active and passive.

Times Square, New York City – New York is always a wonderful place to capture a crowd. Here you can feel the energy of the city and the crowd in this photography. There is so much activity captured in the photograph you can almost see it moving, and feel the people as they rush by. I used black and white to focus on the emotion of the moment.

Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai India – This beach is a popular location for people of all ages to come at the end of the day. This beach is always alive with energy, and you can feel that in the picture. However, like everything in India, you can see the modernization and congestion creeping up from behind, threatening to take away this oasis.

Wedding Reception, Poughkeepsie NY – Here you see young and old dancing together, enjoying each other’s company. These are the grandparents of several of the children in the circle, but they are embracing all, happy to provide love and entertainment to all the little ones in attendance.

What is your favorite photography? Be sure to comment below ⬇️

This has been a part of the WordPress Photo Challenge: A Face in the Crowd

Photos were taken by Atma Photography

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