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This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was “Place in the World”. I wanted to explore what my favorite places were, and where I can be happy the minute I am there:

My first happy place was the Keyport Waterfront. Two blocks from my house, I used to walk there, sit and watch the water, and let my thoughts wander. Ever since then I’ve always been attracted to the water. I even managed to pull my connections and get all my wedding photos taken at my favorite place.


At 19 years old I went on my first solo international trip.  I went to Barcelona to study for three months.  I spent most days walking up and down Las Ramblas, taking in the street performers, eating chocolate y churros, and walking all the way down to the port to watch the waves.  I loved the Barrio Gotic, and all that was there.  Barcelona is still one of my favorite cities in the world.  

When I’m stressed, I instantly relax at the beach. Growing up on the Jersey Shore, we went often, so for me summer means laying out in the sun and jumping in the waves. I always manage to find a beach and visit it. For our 10th wedding anniversary, we went to Costa Rica, and we spend our anniversary at Manuel Antonio, enjoying the water and relaxing.


New York at Christmas. I love Christmas. Growting up, my dad always took two week off around the holidays and took my sister and I on different holiday adventures. A day in New York was always one of them. We’d see the tree, look at the windows, and eat a hot dog form the street. I always love the city, but Christmas time in the city instantly makes me happy.*


Our new home. After years of going back and forth about staying in the Bay Area, we had a series of events that happened that culminated with us having the means and the need to buy a house, sealing our decision to stay in the West coast. We found this home, on a private street, with fantastic neighbors, and just the right size for us. We instanlty fell in love. As soon as we moved it, it just felt right. And even as we continue to make improvements to make it our own, it just feels better and better.

This has been a part of the WordPress Photo Challenge: Place in the World

*Starred photo taken by Atma Photography

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