Sweet – Favorite Desserts

One of my favorite parts about traveling near and far is trying new food. Having a sweet tooth, dessert is always the course I am most looking forward to. This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge let me look at and review some of my favorites.

Frozen Hot Chocolate – Serendipity, New York City. This one is a famous frozen treat my mom had been dreaming of since she first heard about the restaurant.

Apple Fries and Churros – Legoland, CA. Legoland is famous for its Apple Fries served with sweet cream. We also discovered that they sold fresh churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce. I haven’t had churros this good since living as a student in Barcelona, many moons ago.

Homemade Gallete de Rois– San Francisco. My friends throw a gallete party every year. We all go for the amazing gallete, made by hand with butter, flour, almond paste and other tasty goodness.

Make Your Own Sundae – Chili’s. Chili’s has upped it’s children’s dessert game. All kids meals now come with a dish of ice cream, and a selection of sundae toppings that delights all who eat it.

Chocolate Mouse and Crème Brûlée – Rendez-vous Café Bistro, Albany CA. My husband and I discovered this quaint French restaurant that has been in existence for 20+ years on a date night. We each went with our favorite desserts. I’ll always go for chocolate. He’ll always go for crème brûlée.

Molten Chocolate Cake – Luna Restaurant, Concord CA. This molten chocolate cake was not only tasty but beautifully presented during my Valentine’s Day lunch. It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost…

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