Coffee by the sea. Colorful fishing boats filling the harbor. A small market with food, linens and souvenirs. Limestone buildings in the background. That’s what vacation is made for. That’s why you leave the comfort of your home to explore places unknown. And that’s what you get with Marsaxlokk.

We actually first went to Marsaxlokk on our first day in Malta. We were jet lagged and caffeine deprived so we asked the tour guide to stop for coffee. She directed our driver to take us to Maraslokk, where she thought we could get a quick cup and see the cute fishing boats.

This cute coffee shop had nice warm drinks that even our youngest group member enjoyed (photo of Baby D was taken by @chefmckean)

We enjoyed a leisurely coffee European style, but we also noticed a market right along the water. Now, you have five girls together on a girls trip, of course we immediately went for the shopping options. With my eyes bigger than my stomach and wallet, I joined my friends in buying sweets, linens, an adorable purse for my daughter, and a few other things “necessities”.

The market was full of fun buys, including these yummy sweets (Photo taken by @chefmckean)

While there, our tour guide pointed out the traditional fishing boats. Malta, mishmash of cultures that invaded the island, was once ruled by the Phoenicians. Its’ from this ancient cultures that the Maltese got the tradition of painting their boats bright colors. In addition, may of the boats feature an eye on the helm. Like the evil eye of Turkey, this eye is actually a watchful that sees and steers the fisherman away from danger (or so they believe).

All of the boats sported these bright colors and many carried the evil eye

We all liked Marasxlokk so much, we went back on our last day in Malta. We had more shopping to do and more cute boats to see. But this time I walked up and down the shore with my friend E, and admired the shoreline more than I had noticed last time. There were cute restaurants right on the water, all selling fresh fish and catch of the day. I could truly appreciate all the boats on the bay, and how they make the place really picturesque. And I could see how this place brings peace and tranquility to all who visit here.

The walk along the water let you enjoy the boats in their full splendor

Marasxlokk is a small blip of town, blink and you’ll miss it. But don’t. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place to have a coffee or meal, walk the water, and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness that is Malta.

This was a stop during my Girls Trip to Malta

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