Girls Trip to Malta

This is the year that many of my friends hit a big milestone birthday. 40 always seemed like a daunting age to me. It felt like the time when you become “old”. When my mom turned 40, a neighbor put up “Over the Hill” decorations. It seemed like an age I was not excited to reach for myself. But, as my friends and I approached that age, I began to see it differently. At this point in my life I’m stable. I have a family. I have a house. I have a job that takes care of the bills and affords me to travel. Plus, I still have my health. I have energy. I can still get out and explore, but with wisdom and more comfort. Suddenly I began to see the “40 and fabulous” mentality.

For my husband’s 40th we went to Argentina. For my best friend’s husband’s 40th we did a weekend in Bodega Bay with all his friends. When it was my best friend’s turn, she decided that her gift to herself would be a girl’s week with all her closest girlfriends. My best friend was comfortable in her life, her job and her age. She wanted to make the milestone celebrating with all her friends that she loved so much.

Trips for big birthdays are a bit of a tradition

Her initial thought had been Sicily. But when we looked at the flights, it was hard to get to and very expensive tickets. So she set some parameters. It had to be in Europe and preferably not too cold. Her sister researched tickets and found that Malta was the cheapest option. Malta. Before booking the tickets I didn’t even realize that Malta was it’s own country. I knew nothing about the island.

The beautiful island of Malta

But we all agreed and soon tickets were booked. An Airbnb was found near Xemixija’s Bay, and tours were booked. We were a big group. My best friend’s mom, her sister, me, her best friend from high school M, her best friend from France G, and our mutual good friend who lives in Vienna now, E. M was still nursing her youngest, so we added little D as our youngest girl. 8 girls, two small islands, and more money than in our 20s were ready to enjoy the break. Follow along on our adventure and see why celebrating 40 is truly a wonderful opportunity.

7 Girls, 1 Baby, and an island to explore!

Malta Adventures:

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