2016 and Beyond

2016 was hard. There is no doubt about that. It the year people will remember as the one that took too many of our idols, the one were we saw too much violence and hate, and the one were many Americans and the world lost hope and stood in sadness and disbelief as a tyrant who is the opposite of American values was elected leader of the free world. For me personally it was also a challenging year as I had to give up so much of the travel I love, and things didn’t go as plan in our personal life (but really does it ever). So as I come to the end of the year, instead of recapping my top posts by visits, I decided to take stock in all the positive I experienced this year, to put start my year off on the right foot:


Our new home

We bought a new house – After years of saying it was impossible in this area, it was unaffordable, and we could never do it, circumstances changed in a hurry. Suddenly we found ourselves not only in the market, but quickly finding a home we completely loved in our price range. Now, it’s been almost a year, but and we are totally settled in. We love our new home, as we slowly, surely, make it our own.


Cheerleading one more time

I got to relive my Cheerleading days – Cheerleading was a passion from which I’ve never been able to escape. To get a chance to work out, build with a team, get in front of a crowd, and feel that sprit and passion again was a joy I can’t begin to accurately describe.

My adorable godson

My godson was born – My best friend had her second, a son, and I was in love instantly with this adorable, sweet boy. My kids loved him instantly, and are always asking when they can see and play with the baby. Their highlight, getting to spend 8 hours in the car with him to and from Shasta.

My parents are happy and married

My parents are finally settled – My father, who married almost two years ago, was finally able to obtain a green card for my stepmother, and they went to Mexico for the first time in 10 years to see her family. Then my father retired after 38 years on the railroad, and is enjoying his retirement by being busier than ever. My mother married her later in life love, and moved on to a new adventure as his wife. Seeing both of them happy made me happy and at peace.

Each child had thier own adventures with me

I got special new experiences with each of my children this year – In the summer, my son and I took a two week stint of camp drop off, and turned each morning into an adventure in Tilden Park, exploring new areas by ourselves. This winter, I had a mommy/daughter date and took my daughter to her first viewing of The Nutcracker. These 1-1 experiences with my children made me realize I need to have more 1-1 time with each child, as they grow and their personalities become more complex and more individual.

And finally…

Look at that adorable little baby bump

My sister is making me an aunt again – The best news of the year came in a picture text message of a peed on stick with the caption “CALL ME!”. Connecting with my sister on this new (for her) experience, has brought our relationship to a new level. In 2017 I’m looking forward to holding my newest niece in my arms. (My other niece is 16, and while I love her to pieces and the beautiful, intelligent and talented young woman she’s become, it’s been a long long time since I could hold her in my arms).

2016 had it’s challenges, but it had some amazing high points that are important to cherish. In 2017, I resolve to do MORE:

  • To spend more 1-1 time with each child
  • To better nurture my body, soul and self
  • To do more exploring of my area and areas beyond (if resources permit)
  • To allow my voice to be heard, and not just in a Facebook post, but in life, in letters and emails to my representatives, and protests when I see misogyny and injustice.
  • To continue to try and be the role model I want my children to see me as 

Thank you for reading. May you have a happy New Year, and my your New Year be everything you wish it to be!

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