My Beloved Bombay Family

I do plan to post more about our trip when I return to the US, but on our last day in India I wanted to write about our wonderful hosts.

This past month we have based ourselves in Mumbai where my brother-in-law, his wife, daughter and my mother-in-law now live. They have opened their home to us, given us the master room to house our mountain of luggage and our two children, fed us, arranged taxis, trains, flights, and hotels for us, shared their car and driver with us, and all while putting up with a crying infant, a bratty toddler, a lost cell phone ( trust me, you don’t want to know where it went) and demands from my son for their iPad. All because of their generosity for their family.

20121014-133348.jpg 20121014-133355.jpg
Our hosts for the month
My mother-in-law with all her grandchildren

Those who know me know family is everything to me. I have us make this 24 hour journey with two kids so they may have a connection with their family and their roots. It’s important that my family have this relationship and I appreciate that they have adopted me into the fold.

My family uses the same word as brother and sister in Tamil, their native language, to define the relationship between my children and their cousin. I love that. It warms my heart to hear my niece call my kids her brother and sister and to see the bond she’s developed with them.

20121014-133411.jpg 20121014-133417.jpg
My niece bonding with her new siblings

So a big thank you to my Bombay family. A little closer once more; we part ways knowing we will see each other in the near future.


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