Stroller Dilemma

After much thought, debate, pros and cons lists, and coin flipping, my husband and I are still no closer to deciding what we are going to do about a stroller in Buenos Aires.

Here’s the situation:  Our son is almost 4 and my daughter is almost 18 months old.  My son may be only 4 but he’s as tall as many 5 year olds.   So he’s starting to out grow the stroller.  But he loves it.  He finds it his cocoon and his safe place (especially when we were in India).  He even sleeps well in it.  He still naps, even though they are getting shorter.  But if he even sees riding in the stroller is an option, he’ll take it over walking.

My daughter is opposite.  She is OK in the stroller, but loves to get out and walk.  She won’t nap in the stroller unless it can fully recline.  And even then she will fight it and not sleep as long. Again with the Ergo backpack she may sleep, but it takes her longer and she doesn’t sleep as well.

We really don’t want to take the double stroller.  If we do my son will ride all day long and never burn off energy.  Not to mention the fact it is gigantic and not at all public transit friendly.


We love our City Mini Double…when we have a car to lug it around

We could take two strollers, but that seems to be too much.  Again, my son will ride all day long if its an option.  And I can’t imagine bringing an additional stroller through security and tight connections.

So here are our options:

A) Umbrella stroller/Ergo combo

We have been training our son to walk more, though it’s like pulling teeth.  But he’s now used to seeing his sister in the stroller and walking along side.  We could use this, and when he’s too tired or wants to nap, we switch my daughter to the Ergo.  The hope is she will sleep in the stroller around 1pm since she sleeps regularly, and he will be exhausted by 3 and sleep in the stroller.

Pro:  Our umbrella stroller is a Uppa Baby G-Lite, one of the most lightweight in the market.  It folds up easily and has a carry strap for quick boarding on buses and trains.

Con: The G-Lite doesn’t recline so my daughter will have a very hard time sleeping in it.  And my son looks like a prime candidate for the “too big for stroller” blog because he’s so tall.  It’s getting comical to see him in it.


My son in the Uppa Baby G-Lite last year…and several inches shorter…

B) Standard Stroller with Glider Board

We have a City Mini we love that’s a full sized stroller with full recline.  They also sell a glider board attachment where an older child can stand and hitch a ride on it.

Pro:  With a full recline and a full sized stroller, both kids fit in it without either looking comical. My daughter can sleep more comfortably, and we can still Ergo my daughter when my son needs to sleep.  And the glider board gives my son a place to ride if his long legs get tired.

Con:  For one thing, the glider board would have to be purchased. In addition, the City Mini, while is very easy to fold, does not fold up small. While I’ve used it in public transit all over San Francisco, something tells me there will be more stairs and less room on the buses and trains in Buenos Aires, of which we plan to use…a lot.


Our trusty City Mini

C) Come home to nap every day.

We do have an apartment and could do this, allowing both kids to nap at the same time and giving us a break.  But we are not in the center of the city, so travel time to and from places would requiring a lot of planning and greatly reduce our flexibility.

I have a strategy I’m leaning toward, but I want to hear your opinion.

What option do you think will work best?  What has worked for you in the past?

Update: What to know what we chose? Read my post: Stroller Dilemma – The Decision, and/or read my review of the stroller we chose here.


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8 thoughts on “Stroller Dilemma

  1. My friend has a citi double and I’ve used it a couple of times – great stroller! But no I wouldn’t take it either.

    This really is one of those situations where you have to decide what will bug you the most, isn’t it?

    Do the kids cope without naps? Naps tend to go by the wayside for us on holidays these days, but there was a time when we just had to spend the afternoon at the hotel as our non-stroller-napper couldn’t cope otherwise. In which case the stroller might not matter so much.

    My husband has a higher tolerance for carrying kids on shoulders than lugging strollers so that makes our choice easier, too. How do you guys feel about carrying?

    Not sure if you’re planning to walk a lot or mainly go door to door on public/private transport.

    I know in the past we’ve taken one umbrella and the ergo and they have shared and we’ve been happy, or we’ve just dropped the stroller all together and cut back on the walking (and done some shoulder carrying) and planned our days to reduce walking.

    I’m not sure about the board. I’ve never used one and I’ve witnessed a lot of friends not using theirs and describing them as awkward. But then I know some others have been very happy (I think stride length and number of times you need to fold it up make a big difference).

    • So my kids do NOT cope well without naps. So a stroller is a must. I don’t mind my daughter on the Ergo for a small amount of time, but she is getting heavy and neither my husband or I have strong backs.

      I’m changing my mind on what to do in a daily basis. It might be a game day decision.

  2. A – we have the identical strollers, down to the colors. So odd.

    B – Of your choices, I’d go with umbrella and Ergo. Both kids can nap, albeit a bit uncomfortably, and it is the least to carry.

      • The thing with the citi mini is that i find it hard to carry when collapsed. Its light enough, but somehow akward.

        I know this: no matter what you chose, you’ll probably wish you had chosen something else! Murphy’s law 😉

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