A What Fee?

As we prepare for Argentina, I needed to know the visa requirements.  While searching I found this interesting statement:

” U.S. citizens do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days for tourism or business.”

Yeah!  Then I read on…

“As a result of a recent change in Argentine law, prior to arrival in Argentina at any entry point, U.S. citizen tourist and business travelers must pay a $160 reciprocity fee by credit card online at the Provincia Pagos website . Once paid, you must print out the receipt and present it to the Argentine immigration officer at the time of entry. The fee is valid for ten years from the date of payment and multiple entries.”


So I don’t need a visa, but I can’t actually enter unless I pay a visa-like fee.  And not a small, per entry fee, but a large fee, like say…what a 10 year multiple entry visa might cost.  Grr…

My initial reaction was “they can’t possible charge this for small children”.  I know, I was grasping at straws here.  But I searched high and low until I finally found one blog that said “Yes, even children are charged the fee”.  Darn.

The good news is we don’t actually have to apply for a visa, and we can pay this fee online at any point before our trip.  And the fee is good for 10 years.  Not sure we will actually make it back in 10 years, but gives me something to wish and plan for.

6 thoughts on “A What Fee?

  1. Wow, I’ve… never heard of anything like that before. Diplomacy is complicated. And that will definitely add up! But you’ll have such a great time I’m sure you’ll return again and again over the next decade 🙂 (That must be their plan.)

    The fun of visas!

  2. The US charges insane fees for visas (like the $160 – 190 for citizens of Brazil), and I think you are going to see more reciprocity fees like this in the coming years. IMO the US sucks at international tourism.

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