Hello, I’m Robin, the founder of Around the World with Kids. I’ve been traveling since I was 10 months old and refuse to stop. Luckily I found a husband who will indulge me. Now we travel near and far with my two young children, and write about our journey to help inspire you on yours.

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  • A Photo Essay of Pike Place Market
    Pike Place Market is the #1 visited site in Seattle and one of the most visited sites in the world.  But it’s not a monument, it’s not a museum, it’s not even a cultural site.  It’s a public market, built in 1907.  Overlooking the Elliott Bay, it’s a place where you can shop for fresh…
  • The Ultimate Long Weekend in Seattle
    We had miles. We had a companion pass and credit that was expiring. We had a random four-day weekend in October. And we had a desire to take a trip and visit a new place. Being West Coast based, we decided to head up to Seattle, Washington and check out the fun town known for…
  • 2021 – The Year that Surprised Me Most of All
    Every December I like to reflect on the year and write a blog post wrapping up the year. After two rough years I entered 2021 with something I have never done before:  no goals and no expectations. I did not have any travel plans set in stone. I did not set any measurable goals for the blog, my career, or my life. I wanted a reset year. I wanted a year where I could just be; rest, relax, and recharge. It turns out that was exactly what I needed. 2021 was the year I saw an immense amount of growth, both personally and professionally.

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