Hello, I’m Robin, the founder of Around the World with Kids. I’ve been traveling since I was 10 months old and refuse to stop. Luckily I found a husband who will indulge me. Now we travel near and far with my two young children, and write about our journey to help inspire you on yours.

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  • Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for the Mom Traveler
    In our household, Mom is the one who organizes the trips. She’s the one who keeps the mental and physical checklists of what to pack, what bags to bring, where to stay, what to do, etc. Kids and dad help, but mom is the organizer. With that in mind, I put together this list of…
  • This Mother Needs a Break – Solo Trip Soul Searching
    One of my New Years Resolutions in 2019 was to do a weekend solo trip.  For someone who loves to travel, I have never, ever, done a trip by myself.  I’ve taken work trips by myself and done a few outings during them by myself.  But during the day I was with work colleagues or…
  • Medford, Oregon – The Perfect Home Base to Explore Southern Oregon
    “You are going to Medford?  What the heck is in Medford?”  That was often the question I received when I mentioned our plan to stay in Medford Oregon for the long weekend.  But they didn’t see that Medford Oregon has a lot more going for it, more than one might see at first glance.  Awesome…