Hello, I’m Robin, the founder of Around the World with Kids. I’ve been traveling since I was 10 months old and refuse to stop. Luckily I found a husband who will indulge me. Now we travel near and far with my two young children, and write about our journey to help inspire you on yours.

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  • 7 Tips for Traveling with a Dog on a Plane
    Traveling with your dog can bring so much joy but getting to your destination can be a bit stressful.  When we added a Bichon-Poodle mix to our family in late 2019, we knew instantly that he was something special.  His size allows for him to be a cabin animal, and since we fly frequently to…
  • COVID Safe Fun at the Oakland Zoo
    As the vaccine continue to roll out, the cases lessen, and the world begins to open up, there are more activities in the Bay Area that are open for some COVID safe fun.  Recently my kids on break wanted an outing that “wasn’t just another hike”.  My friend suggested the Oakland Zoo and we were…
  • Planning Your Fantasy Vacation – A Kids Vacation Planning Project
    Another school vacation is coming up, and we are all still quarantined at home.  We travelers are missing adventure and have to find a way to keep the kids entertained while we try and work.   When I saw my 4th grade son’s math project last year was planning a fantasy vacation, I knew that this…