Hello, I’m Robin, the founder of Around the World with Kids. I’ve been traveling since I was 10 months old and refuse to stop. Luckily I found a husband who will indulge me. Now we travel near and far with my two young children, and write about our journey to help inspire you on yours.

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  • A Family Guide to Washington DC
    Washington DC is a must-visit for any family who lives in the United States. Washington DC is where you can see our federal government in action, learn more about the history of our great country, and engage with your family in any way that is important for you. Washington DC had been a dream trip…
  • Learning Hard Lessons:  Changing Up My Travel Style to Travel with a Teen
    As a family travel blogger I follow a LOT of other family travel bloggers. Some with children younger, some with children my age, and several with older children.  As I follow those bloggers who have teens, I was noticed advice I heard over and over again:  Teen need more downtime.  This advice confused me.  More…
  • Visiting Pearl Harbor with Aloha Hawaii Tours
    On the morning of December 7th, 1941, 353 Japanese planes came in and committed a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, bombing and destroying 19 US Ships. The USS Arizona sunk and took with it 1,177 souls. When we planned a trip to Oahu, I knew that we had to pay our respects to this sacred…

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