Gaslamp Quarter

Anyone who had ever looked into visiting to San Diego has heard of the famous Gaslamp Quarter. This area from 4th street to 6th street is part of historic heart of San Diego, and still has several working gas lamps lining the street providing light. But despite the name, that’s not what makes the Gaslamp Quarter famous. It’s the nightlife that makes it famous.

The famous gas lamps of San Diego

The Gaslamp Quarter is filled with bars and trendy restaurants that line the blocks. People walk around in clubbing clothing, and go bar to bar, dancing and listening to music on the weekends. Now, being a family of four with two young children, that was not our definition of fun. (When I was in my 20s, yes, now, no 😢). We thought we’d walk down, see the famous Gaslamp Quarter sign, and then find a place to eat.

A welcome to the liveliest part of San Diego

After walking down a few blocks to see the sign and take pictures, we decided to try and find something to eat. While my husband and I were discussing, my son started complaining and crying “why can’t we just go in here ?” Pointing to the shop right next to us.

“Mommy and daddy want sushi, we are looking for a place to eat.”

“Then why did we walk all the way down here?”

“To see the sign.”


“Yes. I know you’re hungry but if you’re pati…”


Poor guy! He had had to go since La Jolla, but didn’t say anything, thinking we were heading to dinner first. We found an Old Spaghetti Factory, and feigned confidence as we went past the host in twos toward the bathrooms. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

After that, all four people were more agreeable and we were able to find a restaurant. My husband and I wanted sushi, and we found a well ranked place that also had chicken fried rice on the menu (for the kids). It was still early, so Sushi Lounge on Market had tables open, and we went in and ordered a few rolls, sashimi and, of course, chicken fried rice. The art work on the wall was stunning and the furnishings were modern. It had been a long time since we took our kids to a nice restaurant, so they mostly complained of the lack of coloring placemats and kids cups, but they were hungry and ate up the fried rice. My husband and I enjoyed our raw fish. Then something surprising happened: my son wanted to try sushi. He’s not normally an adventurous eater so I was dubious. I started him with a piece of California roll. He ate it and asked for more. At the end he ate half the roll by himself. I was shocked! Next time, I’m expanding his palette.

Fun trendy sushi at The Sushi Lounge on Market

Finally, we finished up and it was time to go. The true night/bar crowd was just beginning to come out and us old people needed to get to bed 😑. We walked back to the car and headed back to our Airbnb to rest for the night and ready ourselves for the next day. As we pulled away I looked wistfully back at the crowd filtering in, and looked back at my precious (and sometimes handful) kids in the backseat. They are worth it. To bed we go.

This was a stop during our Great Southern California Adventure

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