The Village of La Jolla

We had spent the morning soaking up sun and surf at La Jolla Shores. We were dressed and ready to search for some ice cream. My husband said the Village of La Jolla had cute shops, nice restaurants, and ice cream. So we jumped in to car and went to find it.

Heading out on the search for ice cream

We parked at a paid lot and walked along Prospect Street, the main drag of the city. As we walked along, we knew we were in a bit of a different world. We passed amazing art galleries featuring photographs, paintings, and even sculptures. My husband, the photographer, went into Peter Lik Gallery, and we got lost in the large, breathtaking landscapes that adorned the walls. However, while we enjoyed it, my hungry children reminded us we were in search of ice cream, not art, so we headed out the door again.

We saw a Häageen-Dazs and a Cold Stone Creamery, but we wanted something special and unique to La Jolla. We found just off Prospect Street, on Coast Boulevard, Bobboi Natural Gelato with a sizable line out the door. This looked promising. Made with just a few all natural ingredients the ice cream had a rich, creamy texture in an array of unique flavors. My husband had pistachio and salted caramel, I had Bacio (chocolate and hazelnut), and stracciatella, my son lemon and mint, and my daughter cinnamon and honey. All four were amazing!

Enjoying the all natural yumminess of Bobboi’s Gelato

Of course after ice cream you need to work off the calories, so we decided to walk down the hill toward the water. There we found palm tree lined streets, and the Ellen Browning Scripps park. The park had large strange trees that grew both up and sideways, allowing for lots of low hanging branches for climbing. My kids saw a few kids climbing and they too wanted in on the fun. They aren’t normally tree climbers, but they quickly figured out how to keep there footing and soon got brave. Soon, too brave. I saw it out of the corner of my eye. My daughter missed her step and came tumbling out of the tree onto the ground. Thanks to the low branches, she couldn’t have fallen more than 3-4 feet, but it was enough to startle her. And unfortunately, she scrapped her legs up on the bark on the way down, so we had to do a little first aid to clean out the scrapes. My kids do NOT like rubbing alcohol…

Being adventurous kids climbing trees

After the fall, both my kids had their fill of tree climbing, so we started to make our way back into town. We did some shopping, but it was still too early to go into town for dinner (we had plans to go to the Gaslamp Quarter) so we needed to kill and hour. We discovered the Crab Catcher restaurant had happy hour with a view of the water. Perfect. We stop there for the kids to grab a smoothie, and us a drink before heading into town for dinner. I was (mostly) tranquil looking out the window at the water while my kids did the kids placemat, drank their smoothies, and asked continuously if we were ready to go.

Finally, we finished up, and paid and headed toward our car. We had whet our appetite and were ready to head to the gas lamp quarter in San Diego to check out it’s famous night scene, leaving behind the beauty and tranquility of La Jolla.

This was a stop during our Great Southern California Adventure

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