Explore Your Love of Music! – Community Day at The Crowden School

I still don’t know how my husband found out about it. But he heard about a free music day at a local school and thought it would be a fun trip for the kids. We had my goddaughter with us that day, so I agreed.   

The Crowden School in Berkeley is a grade 4 – 8 school that combines music education with regular academics. Started in 1983, it was the first of its kind in the nation. Every year since 1999, Crowden has opened its doors for a free community day. The day is completely interactive and hands on. And did I mention it was free!

The day includes fun activities such as an instrument petting zoo. All over the campus there are string instruments, percussion, horns, and even pianos and harpsichords! With instructors there, young students are encouraged to try all the instruments and see what sounds they make and what are their favorites.

The kids wanted to visit each section and try every single instrument

While admission is free, the “Very First Concerts” do have limited seating. When you arrive you are given a time slot in which you can attend one of these first concerts. Be sure to come early to get a ticket, and be at the door ten minutes before they start to get a good seat. There are mats in the front for kids, to let them come up close to the musicians. Here the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra play songs for the kids, encourage the audience to sing and dance, and provide an enjoyable first classical concert experience for the children.

The concert is extremely kid friendly

Throughout the day there are also musical performances, class demos, and this year there will be instrument making and face painting! Also, the school sells BBQ food and baked goods to help raise money for the school. So be sure to bring some cash to help support the school and their efforts on this day.

My children were only four and and two when they went, but they talked about the experience for weeks. Now my son has been learning piano for two years, and loves classical music. My daughter is a dancer who also loves to sing to any music she hears (no words, no problem; she just makes them up). It was the Cowden Community day that made me realize how much joy music brought my children. In the area this Sunday, bring the kids down. See if you have a future Mozart in your household. 

My pianist and dancer

Crowden Community Day

Sunday, October 22, 2016
10 AM – 3 PM
1475 Rose Street, Berkeley, CA 94702

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