Baptizing My Niece

Baptisms are beautiful events.  While never overtly religious, I was raised Catholic and do believe that there is a higher order that helps drive our lives.  Religion is a beautiful way to celebrate that higher order, and seeing a child welcomed into that religion is always a special event, where you see the innocent life protected and celebrated by a loving and welcoming community.


My niece, ready to enter the community in the Methodist Church

My sister and I carefully coordinated my trip to New Jersey to be able to allow my family to attend the baptism of my sweet niece.  My sister was keen to baptize the baby young and to have all her family in attendance.  The weekend we choose allowed for not only my family to be there, but our stepsister and her family in Mexico, as well as my brother-in-law’s brother and his family with all four children.  He and his wife were chosen as the god-parents and both are nurses, so coordinating the schedule was no easy feat. But it was well worth it to see the love they had for their niece, welcoming her to the religion with open arms.


A traditional ceremony, using holy water to welcome the baby into the church

The church was very child friendly.  One of my favorite parts of the mass was the children’s hour.  The children were all invited up to the front, to hear a story about baptism, and why it was important.  An older child invited them into a prayer, and it was adorable to see the children all bow their heads in prayer.


Children, listening intently and praying throughout the children’s hour

After the ceremony, we gathered all the family to take photos, upon photos, upon photos.  Some were posed, some were fun and silly, many were focused on admiring the newest member of the Methodist church.  All were taken to memorialize this special event.


Maternal side of the family


Paternal side of the family

After the ceremony, it was time to party.  We choose to celebrate in an intimate and casual party at my mother’s house, having a fun barbeque in the backyard.  Everyone came in, got some food and cake, and immediately relaxed to enjoy the party.



Everyone relaxing and enjoying the party

These events always make me reflect on how much I love my family and these special moments.  Seeing my niece not only inducted into the church, but also being introduced to the family.  I loved every minute I got to spend with my niece on this trip.  And I feel incredibly blessed to have witnessed this event and be a part of it. Life is made of moments and milestones.  And what a beautiful one to witness.


Welcome little niece.  We are all glad you are here.

*All photos taken by Atma Photography

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