Travel in a 100 Posts

As I was putting together posts from my most recent trip, I realized that I was about to hit my 100th post. I started this blog as a way to record a month long trip to India for my children when they get older. But now, 2+ years later, it’s turned into a therapeutic way for me to relax, write, and share with the world our advantures, challenges, and lessons along the way. In 100 posts we have:

Traveled internationally to India



and Argentina.



Traveled domestically to New York,






And of course New Jersey several times over.

I’ve even covered some local (to us) trips, such as Santa Cruz.



We’ve seen amazing vistas,



And had an immeasurable amount of fun at the beach.



We’ve been on a lot of planes,

And seen some incredibly interesting napping locations.

But through it all we’ve gotten the chance to connect with our loving family,



And share some amazing, special moments of love and learning.



Thank you for joining me on this ride and I hope you continue to hang on for our future adventures.

* Starred collages have some or all photos taken by Atma Photography

** This post is a part of Friday Postcards on Walking On Travels

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