After a long absence…

Upon my return from India I had grand plans to write many more posts on places we’d seen and experiences we’d had.  Then…life happened.
Three days after India my maternity leave ended.  Suddenly life became a chaotic blur of work, pumping, drop offs, pick ups, housework, play dates, kids activities and occasionally even time with my husband.   The time was a whirlwind and I often found myself falling into dreamless sleep in near exhaustion at the end of the day.
Then a few weeks ago I started to realize that I had more energy.  Not much, but definitely more than in the last year.  I looked up and realized my daughter was mobile enough and mature enough to play with my son, and they did quite often, freeing me from the task of constant entertaining.  She also started feeding herself allowing me to enjoy my meals.  She slept through the night and took consistent naps.  My son was more self sufficient, he could dress himself, put on his shoes, and even help with small chores around the house.  His vocabulary had improved and his speech is more clear.
After 9 months of fog I emerged and realized that I might have a millisecond of time for my own projects again.
So I hope to post a few more items on India.  But I also hope to post on trips taken these past 9 months, and planning for our upcoming trip to Argentina.
Thank you for hanging in there. I plan to make it worth the wait.

After 9 months of a fog, my daughter turned one and we found ourselves again.

After 9 months of a fog, my daughter turned one and we found ourselves again.

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