Marina Beach

On our last day in Chennai, we made a quick trip to Marina Beach. Marina Beach is the world’s second longest beach at 13km long. Its also an extremely wide beach, with an average width of 300m. The beach has a nice paved walkway at the top for joggers or those who are just interested in a stroll, the food stands, and the attractions. This beach is really happening at night, as the sun is about to set, and evenings when the day cools down and people come out from the shadows. The beach also has a lot of fishermen, who make this place their home and their living.

20120928-205718.jpgFishing boats ready for the day

We unfortunately hit the beach in the early morning before the stands were open. Also, our children both decided that was a good time to fall asleep, so we were only able to get out and see it for a short time. Next time I’ll try and walk the beach so I can touch the Bay of Bengal.

Food stalls; for some reason they believe corn is a popular American snack

It’s important to note if you’re visiting with children that this is not a bathing beach. Due to the strong rip tides, it’s prohibited to swim at the beach, in addition, you would want to make sure your children are wearing proper footwear. While the beach is cleaned regularly, you can still fine a lot of trash and food waste on the ground. However, children always love water and the beach, and a quick stroll in the morning or better the evening when there is more excitement is worth the trip.

Had to keep my infant daughter protected from the harsh sun

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