Family Visits

In the 5 days we were in Bangalore and Chennai we saw:

4 aunts,
3 uncles,
3 cousins,
3 cousin-in-laws,
4 second cousins, and
1 old friend and his family

Quite an ambitious schedule for our first week in India. It may explain my son’s behavior.

In the process we had the opportunity to catch up with people we love so much and introduce them to the two most precious things that my husband and I ever created. I truly believe it’s important to value family and keep them in your lives, no matter the distance. These visits I hope will instill this value in my children and help them appreciate the rich culture that is a part of their DNA.

20120928-071908.jpg 20120928-071856.jpg
20120928-071930.jpg 20120928-071721.jpg
20120928-071920.jpg 20120928-071710.jpg
20120928-071734.jpg 20120928-071845.jpg

I wanted to thank everyone who hosted us for their hospitality and helping to enrich my children’s lives.

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