Visa Delay

It all seemed like it was going well.  The application drop off was relatively painless.  We quickly got an email the following Monday saying my husband’s visa application was done. But at 5pm my daughter’s application was still pending.  That was the first concern.  The next day at 4pm we got two emails from the consulate, one saying my husbands passport was being shipped back the next day.  The other stated this:

“Dear Parents of Minor Applicant,

Your application for A Tourist Visa is currently back from the issuing authorities requiring more documents. Please send us the following requirements so we can proceed with processing as soon as possible:

1)  Please provide a copy of applicants Mothers Birth certificate.

2) Applicants Mothers parents current passport copies (maternal grandparents). ”

Seriously. Mother’s birth certificate AND Maternal grandparent’s passports.  For a 6 month tourist visa.  For a 2 month old child.  Why?  Was she going to steal government secrets in her diaper?  To say in was irate would be an understatement.

Of course my dad’s passport is expired.  So now I have to call the consulate to see if that is still acceptable. The visa specialist on the phone had never heard of such requirements for a minor.  She actually had to double check the application to be sure that was what requested and check with her supervisor.  But thankfully the Indian consulate was are okay with an expired passport.

I also lucked out because I was visiting my parents that week in the East Coast.  I was able to collect and copy their passports, and FAX all the copies to the Indian consulate.  By the next week we had my daughter’s passport back with the visa issued.  And, as a bonus, they shipped it back since they were suppose to ship it with her father’s passport.


Can you imagine how hard the OCI process will be?

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