Drop Off Complete

Went to Travisa in San Francisco today to drop off my daughter’s and husband’s visa application. I went armed with all the paperwork, copies of everything, all the originals, and a backpack full of diapers and clothes to spend a day in the city with a newborn.

I was pleasantly surprised by the short line until I got to the front.  Apparently today is Krishna Janmashtami, Krishna’s birthday. The consulate was closed and Travisa was open for drop off only.  They could have mentioned that when I made the appointment.

Luckily, that was the only surprise. All the paperwork was in order. And, since my husband’s application did not qualify for same day service, we had paid for overnight shipping to return his passport. The attendant allowed me to combine my daughter’s application with my husband’s so both passports would be shipped back together.  And I was able to meander in Westfield mall with the sleeping newborn a bit before returning back to the East Bay.  A surprising pleasant experience.

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