Gifts for the Moms Who Travel

In our household, Mom is the one who organizes the trips. She’s the one who keeps the mental and physical checklists of what to pack, what bags to bring, where to stay, what to do, etc. Kids and dad help, but mom is the organizer. With that in mind, I put together this list of gifts that moms who loves to travel will love. It has gear to keep her organized and everyone packed, fashion that will look good at the airport or on the road, and fun ways to keep memories of the trip for years and years. In all different price ranges, this guide will help you find the prefect gift to thank the traveling mom for all she does.

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Under $20

Family Travel Wallet

In our household, mom is the one carrying all the documents and keeping track of all the paperwork. I bought this Family Travel Wallet and use it on every trip. It to carries all four passports and tickets in one easy to access place.

Refillable Bottles

There is too much plastic in the world today. Save some, but let mom keep all the toiletries she needs every day with these cute refillable bottles that are TSA friendly. there is even a funnel to fill them and a brush to wash them.

Luggage Scale

Does Mom find that the suitcase is always overweight? This little scale can weigh luggage and let you avoid the re-packing shuffle at the airport.

Infinity Scarf with a Pocket

This stylish infinity scarf comes in a variety of patterns and colors. But the best part is the pocket to hold a phone, or passport, or Chapstick. It’s great when mom’s wearing an outfit with no pockets.

Cute Scrapbook

For the crafty mom who wants to make memories out of the family trip, a cute scrapbook will let her save photos, ticket stubs, and other memories of the latest family adventure.

Cable Organizer

When traveling with multiple phones, tablets, computers, etc. the wires can get out of control. This nice cable organizer will let Mom keep everything under control and find the right wire for the right device any time.

Under $50

Anti-Theft Day Bag

Cross body bags and convertible backpacks work great as day bags while traveling. Mom will love a cute bag with lots of anti-theft features such as locking clips, slash-resistant straps, and RFID blocking. I purchased this red convertible backpack over a year ago and I’ve used it both traveling and everyday. But if this isn’t Mom’s style, there are lots of great brands and options available.

Packing Cubes

Once you start using packing cubes, it changes your life! In our house we now each have a set in our own colors, and we use it to keep the luggage organized and make it easy to find things when packing. I find this 3 piece set perfect, but there are lots of color and size combination options.

Cute Cardigan with Pockets

Can you seem a theme? Women love pockets. A cute cardigan is always nice on the cold plane flight, and pockets is always a plus.

Leggings with Pockets

Yes, I’m back on my pockets kick. Leggings are a favorite plane outfit for mom (who am I kidding, it’s a favorite mom outfit in general). Add pockets and it’s perfect for mom’s next flight. These pair from Amazon are consistently on a the top of people’s lists of affordable, comfy leggings.

Portable Charger

A powerful portable charger is something that mom will want. Phones die and you DON’T want that happening on a long flight or road trip. I like having one that has two UBS ports so I can charge two devices at once. More than once it has saved someone when we are out all day exploring.

Scratch Off Maps

These cute maps allow you to track where you have been. You can buy ones that are for the world or the US, and you can scratch off places so your kids can see how much of the world or the US they have traveled. We have one hanging in our entryway, and it’s a conversation piece with each new person who visits.

Sketchers Go Walk Flats

There are a few brands I swear by and Skechers is one of them. I’m on my 3rd pair of Go Walk Flats. They have the look of flats that can go with jeans or dresses, but the bottoms of a sneaker, so you can walk all day or run after a toddler taking off down a cobblestone street.

Merino Wool Sweater

I found this sweater thanks to the Travel Fashion Girls Facebook Group, and I love it! It’s 100% Merino Wool, so it’s warm but thin so it’s perfect for spring, fall and even winter travel. And thanks to it being Costco, it’s a great price, and comes in a lot of colors and sizes.

USB Charging Station

There are never enough wall outlets for all the items that need to be charged. Once your kids have devices as well, you need to be able to charge a lot of items, usually with one or two outlets. After a practically difficult trip in India, where we were all fighting for the outlet to charge, we purchased this amazing 6 USB port charger. Dual voltage, one outlet, and it fast charges up to 6 devices. We love it so much we recently upgraded to a 10 port charger.

Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter

Many people are switching from wired to wireless headphones and ear buds. However, that doesn’t work on a pale, forcing you to use the cheap earbuds they provide (or charge you for). Use on of these wireless transmitters to connect your nice wireless headphones to the screen provided on the airplane seat. It makes your long distance flights much more comfortable.

Under $100

Carry On Suitcase

A new piece of nice, stylish luggage is always something that mom appreciates. A nice hard shell suitcase lets mom makes sure everything fits and nothing will break on the way. The Amazon Basics brand has a number of fun colors and is a generally reliable brand.

Quality Rain Coat

A good quality rain coat is a necessity for travel in any place that experiences rain. After buying a number of “rain-resistant” jackets, I invested in this quality Colombia jacket and love it. Has a hood, covers the bum, pockets inside and out, and is size inclusive. A great jacket for any mom.

Good Quality Backpack

A good quality day backpack can make or break your day. Mom want a light weight backpack that can carry a lot of the needs for the day. Osprey is a favorite of many travelers, for it’s good quality construction, it’s light weight materials, and it’s straps that help adjust the weight evening.

Merino Wool Clothing

Merino Wool is a traveler’s best friend for clothing. It is moisture wicking and doesn’t smell, so you can wear it several times before you have to wash it. If you are trying to travel carry on only, it’s the best fabric to have. This cute short sleeves top is great, but there are also tank tops and long sleeves to choose from. The Icebreaker brand also comes highly recommended.

Splurge Gifts

Packable Down Jacket

If mom has a nice rain coat, a packable down jacket is always something that is nice to add to the mix. A down jacket will keep you warm when traveling somewhere cold, but can be squished into a little ball to fit in your suitcase. I love and own this 32 degree jacket that is long and covers the bum, but kept me warm in the NJ winter

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

Let Mom know you’ll watch the kids on the flight and she can relax with this awesome noise canceling headphones. There are a lot of brands, but the best I’ve ever experienced is Bose. These are a necessity for red-eye flights, or just working from home and taking a meeting when there is a meltdown behind her.

Samsonite Luggage

I’ve been a Samsonite fan for years. I’ve had a number of suitcases and the ones that always held up the best are my Samsonite Luggage. While I always advocate carry-on luggage, sometimes it’s just easier to have one big suitcase you check in. This gorgeous, stylish set comes in some great colors, and has the perfect set of a carry on and matching checked in size suitcase.

Entry Level DSLR

If Mom is the one always taking photos, why not upgrade her camera? My husband, the photographer in the family, loves Nikon and that has always the brand of camera we use. The Nikon D3500 is a great entry level DSLR that is light weight, but has all the features you want in a professional quality camera.

Rothy’s Sneakers or Flats

When I went into an office every day (you know, pre-COVID), I worked in an office that turned me onto Rothy’s shoes and I became obsessed. I own 3 pairs of point flats and these camo sneakers. They are machine washable, and comfortable but also stylish. I posted a picture of the sneakers because that’s what I find myself wearing most days. These sneakers have passed the walk all day in New York or San Francisco test. (Clicking on this link gets you $20 off your shoes)

Kindle Paperwhite

If the mother in you family is a reader, then she would love the Kindle Paperwhite. Yes, you can download books on your pone, but the paperwhite kindle lets you read without the harsh backlight. It’s also super small and compact, so it fits easily in her bag of tricks when traveling.

GoPro Camera

If you like action and adventure, a GoPro is the way to go to capture those memories. With it’s stabilization software, it captures amazing videos as you are mountain biking down a mountain, or ziplining in Costa Rica. And it’s waterproof so you can take it on your next snorkeling adventure.

Apple Airpods

If you are an Apple User, I hear great things about the wireless Apple AirPods. I personally love earbuds for listening to audio guides when wandering a museum,./ They are less obvious than headphones, and let and take up less space in your bag.