The Hotel Mademoiselle: The Surprising Small Joy We Found In Paris

On a non-descript side street in the 10th arrondissement, through plain doors you enter one of the cutest boutique hotels in Paris. I found the Hotel Mademoiselle through Airbnb of all places but found what turned into the perfect location for our group of six when we were in Paris. From the pleasant and helpful staff to the spacious and comfortable rooms, to the BEST hotel breakfast of any place we have ever had, Hotel Mademoiselle not only lived up to my expectations and exceeded them tenfold. Check out why this little gem should be on our short list when looking for places to stay in Paris.

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Note:  I was not compensated for staying at this hotel or writing this post. I was genuinely impressed with what I saw and I wanted to share my experience.


Hotel Mademoiselle is located in the 10th arrondissement, near Gare du Nord and the 4 and 5 metro lines. It’s not walking distance from the major monuments, but public transit is easily accessible, and we were able to get everywhere we wanted to go very easily, and in usually less than 20 minutes. But what is nice about being out of the central area is the quiet. Being in a neighborhood, you have a ton of local restaurants and bars in the area. Here you get great food that is frequented by locals. On the corner there is a market where you can get a nice baguette, some cheese and some fresh fruit, and have a picnic for your lunch. And the streets are not as busy, so you are less worried when a little one gets away from you.

Small Street in a Paris neighborhood
A quiet street that hid the most amazing hotel

The Rooms

One of the most important parts of staying in a hotel is the rooms. In Europe, you are generally used to small rooms that hold a maximum of two people. I will say that while there are a few rooms in the hotel that hold 3 or 4 people, the vast majority are only for two people. However, these rooms are not small by any stretch of the imagination. We were a group of six and had the whole top floor (3 rooms). Each room was spacious with a king bed, plenty of closet space, and lots of room to walk around. They each had some seating so you could sit comfortably somewhere beside the bed. Our room actually had a sofa bed that could be opened to sleep a 3rd person. The beds were incredibly comfortable and the linens were soft.

Hotel room with a king bed
Hotel room with closet and armchair

Each room also had its own spacious bathroom. There was not a lot of counterspace in the bathroom, so you did need to keep your toiletries outside or in a bag. Also, the walls of the shower only had ½ of a wall, so it required some creative angling of the showerhead or using the handheld to keep the floor from getting wet. However, this is very typical of European bathrooms. What wasn’t typical and a nice touch, the large towels. I am plus sized and in the US often find the bath towels in hotels too small. I expected the same in Europe. I was pleasantly surprised to find these large, plush bath sheets that wrapped around and felt comfortable. Loved having that feature in the hotel.

Small bathroom in a Paris Hotel

Breakfast and Bar

Like most hotels in Europe, rooms come with free breakfast. I did not expect much for breakfast. I expected a few croissants and some coffee. But what a treat we had each morning. There was a stocked breakfast buffet every morning of some amazing delicacies. There were soft scrambled eggs French style, as well as eggs and boiling water for you to make soft boiled eggs. There were a full selection of cured meats, French cheeses, and smoked salmon to choose from. A whole selection of breads including fresh baguettes. There were waffles and pancakes my kids make sure to grab each morning. And there was a basket of butter croissants, chocolate croissants, almond croissants and more. We may or may not have always taken a few for the road. You could also grab fresh fruit, fabulous yogurts, and a whole selection of jams and Nutella for your bread. And a full espresso machine that made lattes, cappuccino, espressos, and hot chocolate for the kids. Our breakfast buffet was so good, we never made it bakeries to buy croissants because we always had awesome ones right in our hotel.

In the evenings, there was a bar with drinks available. Often, when we were tired from walking all day, or dropping off stuff before going to find dinner, we would sit as a group at the bar, and get a drink to relax. I learned to love Aperol Spritzes here, while the kids loved ordering a soda to charge to the room.

Other Amenities

Wi-Fi:  It not only had free Wi-Fi, but it actually had good signal and all of us were able to use our devices without any issues. If you travel in Europe a lot, you know that sometimes isn’t the case in these small hotels.

Electric Scooters for Rent:  We noticed in the lobby there were electric scooters for rent to use around the city. We didn’t try this because we were a big group and my mom had a cane, but I think this would be fun if you come in a smaller group and want to get around easily.

Spa:  There is a spa in the basement of the hotel with massages available by appointment. Unfortunately, that didn’t fit into our schedule, but it is something I sure wish we had had a chance to try.

Concierge Help:  We found the concierge to be so helpful on so many occasions. They would look up directions and print them out, call us cabs when needed, and give us suggestions when we weren’t sure what to do or where to go for dinner. I also saw them help others get reservations, help with flight details, and other items. They were always happy to help go above and beyond.

The Staff

The staff was absolutely amazing. After two years of COVID health protocols, I was used to not having daily maid service in hotels. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the hotel not only had daily service, but they were amazing. They would clean the bathroom when the water got out, fold or refresh towels (more than once I forgot they were coming and accidentally ended up with new towels since I left one on the floor or bed), and would even fold clothing that I left out. The room was always spotless as well as the hallways, elevator, and bar area.

But the best part about the staff was how caring they were, EVEN after we left. We left Paris early in the morning to go to the airport to fly to Lisbon. The kids woke up and basically came out of the room and went to the hotel. When we got to the airport, my daughter realized she left her stuffie that she had since an infant at the hotel in the bed. She was beside herself. I immediately emailed the hotel and they sent someone up to the room and found it. Then, they mailed it back to the United States so my daughter could get her toy back. Her happiness when she got him back was indescribable. Most places would have tossed it in the lost and found and gotten rid of it in a few days. The fact that they reacted as soon as we contacted them and were able to retrieve it and mail it to us was so incredibly wonderful. I am so thankful for the staff, and for this reason alone I would recommend this place to anyone in Paris.

A young girl hugging her lovie
Reunited and it feels so good


Should you stay:  ABSOLUTELY!

My husband and I could not stop raving about how much we loved the Hotel Mademoiselle the whole time we were there. But what sealed the deal was when they helped us rescue my daughter’s favorite toy. That kind of personal touch is beyond words. There were so many wonderful things about this place, and we just couldn’t believe what we got in our price range. If you are looking for a great place to stay as a family, or as a couple and want a comfortable place, excellent service, and breakfast you’ll remember and long for long after your trip, then look at the Hotel Mademoiselle and I promise you won’t be disappointed.  

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