A Photo Essay of Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is the #1 visited site in Seattle and one of the most visited sites in the world.  But it’s not a monument, it’s not a museum, it’s not even a cultural site.  It’s a public market, built in 1907.  Overlooking the Elliott Bay, it’s a place where you can shop for fresh food, buy gorgeous flowers to decorate the house, pick up yummy snacks or a good book, and enjoy the casual, laid back vibe that is Seattle. 

A mom and her children standing in front of the Public Market sign in Seattle

Walking along Pike Place, you can see a number of fruit and meat markets.

Vegetables on display in an outdoor market

Walking into the main building of the market, there is a long line of flower stalls, filled with the most beautiful varieties (I only wish I had a way to bring some back)

Rows of colorful flow bouquets
Close up of bouquets of sunflowers

Inside are also a variety of stalls that sell t-shirts, homemade goods and treats, lots of good food, and meats

Bags of dried cherries and chocolate covered cherries in a market

This is also where you find see the flying fish! Besides having a robust fish market, you can see the fishmongers throwing the fish when an customer makes an order.

Shellfish packed in ice and on display for sale

Outside the flying fish is the famous Rachel, the bronze pig.  He is the official mascot of the market and kids love to climb on her

Racheal the bronze pig at Pike Place Market

In the basement there are more shops including an amazing book shop.

A vendor ringing up a young man buying buys at a basement bookshop

An alley off the market is the famous Gumball Alley.  This public art space is where people put their used chewing gum.  To me, it was as gross as it sounded.

A disgusted woman in front of a wall full of used chewing gum

Right around that area are some great restaurants as well.  You can get the world-famous chowder…

A close up of the Pike Place Chowder cup

Or check out the original Starbucks.

Many people standing in line in front of the original Starbucks in Seattle

Pike Place Market is a wonderful place to wander, eat, shop, and just feel the Seattle laid back vibe.  We loved walking by almost every day and quickly became one of our favorite places in Seattle.  Enjoy it for a Sunday morning stroll with coffee, getting a fun snack, or to shop for unique gifts for those at home. 

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A Photo Essay of Pike Place Market

* Starred Photos taken by Atma Photography

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