Snow Tubing at Mt. Shasta Ski Park

Sure, skiing is fun, but have you tried snow tubing?  Sitting in an inner tube, you shoot down 300 feet of snow feeling the rush of wind as you fly down the mountain and hope you do not have too much speed and get shot to the parking lot.  Mt. Shasta Ski Park has an amazingly fun snow tubing area.  They sell passes for 2-hour blocks and let anyone from 5 years old to 105 years old go down.  It is a hit with the kids, but the adults enjoyed getting the tubes and shooting down the hill as well.  Check out the fun we had and see why you want to try snow tubbing next time you are in the Mt. Shasta Area. 

3 children in inner tubes sliding down the hill with the mountains in the background

5 Lanes lets plenty of kids go, and lets a group together race down to the bottom.

A child in an inner tube going uphill at the end of sliding down the snow tubing lane

The end of the lanes has an uphill ramp to slow you down after flying down the hill. 

People brining inner tubes up a snowy hill

You can either walk your tube up the hill…

Two young girls riding a magic carpet with their inner tubes surrounded by snow

Or ride the magic carpet up with your tube.

A young man in an inner tube catching some air as they hit a bump during a downhill snow run.

By far, the kids favorite run was the last lane, with its 3 bumps that sent you airborne.  The kids favorite, not the adults…

I never expected to have as much fun tubing as we did.  I went down a few times myself, and I enjoyed watching the kids fly down the hill screaming in delight.  Skiing had been fun, but they must have ridden down those hills 20 times or more in the two hours they had.  Whether you are a skier or not, it is worth the trip up to Mt. Shasta Ski Park for the tubing, and it is an excellent way for the whole family to get into the snow fun, no matter their fitness level. 

Snow Tubing at Mt. Shasta Ski Park

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