Planning Your Fantasy Vacation – A Kids Vacation Planning Project

Another school vacation is coming up, and we are all still quarantined at home.  We travelers are missing adventure and have to find a way to keep the kids entertained while we try and work.   When I saw my 4th grade son’s math project last year was planning a fantasy vacation, I knew that this was a great activity not just for my kids, but for the readers of this blog as well!

Here is the idea.  You have won the lottery and have $10,000 to plan a vacation for your family.  Your child will need to plan the:

It’s broken into 9 steps, and at the end of each step you get to see how much remains of the budget.  Got a lot of money left?  Eat out at fancy restaurants!  Go crazy with more activities!  Have too little money left?  Go back and see where you can save some money.  It’s a fun way to challenge their imagination and their math skills, plus learn what is really costs to go on these travels.  It can be done all in one day, or over a couple of days. All your children will need to complete the worksheet is access to the internet, a calculator, and their imagination. 

Two kids at a table working on a computer
Kids learn a lot of great lessons by doing this project

Print out the worksheet and get started.  Make sure to post pictures of your kids working on the worksheet on my Facebook page or tag me in Instagram to be shared and featured on my channel.  I hope your kids have as much fun with this project as mine did.

*Special thanks to the 4th grade math teachers at Caliber Public Schools who came up with the original idea. 

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