When Family is Everything

It’s Easter and I look around and see all the people I love. I see my father and his wife sitting at my grandmother’s table laughing at a story told by my stepfather and mom. I see my grandmother playing with my niece, letting her use her wheelchair as her own personal climbing gym. I see my sister and her husband and my husband sitting on the couch, looking at my kids as they show them the way their new Bey Blades whip around the room. I know later in the day we will go see my cousin and her family, and allow the kids to hunt their yards for Easter Eggs and treats. And I am in bliss.

My son, who loves young children, enjoyed playing with his young cousin*

My grandmother lights up when she’s with her young great-grandchild. And my niece already has a special bond with the matriarch of the family

I have loved watching my sister and brother-in-law become parents, and watch their love grow as they became a family

The cousins quickly became the three musketeers, with my young niece wanting to be involved with all they did

My son loves spending time with my cousin and her family, and my cousin loves to spoil him as well

My cousin make a massive egg hunt for the kids, and they couldn’t wait to take off and find the hidden treasures*

The three musketeers joined my cousin’s oldest, and posed for pictures with lots of laughs and fun

The adults came together and drank to health, happiness, and family being together

For the last few years, we have generally had our annual trips to New Jersey during the summer and early fall. When my son was little we did a few in December. But this year, we can’t come in the summer due to other plans. So we decided to use our Spring Break to spend Easter with the family in the East Coast. It has been years since I’ve had the chance to spend Easter, one of the most important religious holidays in the Catholic religion, with my family. With my niece growing up so fast, and my time with my grandmother getting to be more precious with each passing day, I was so happy to get to spend this Easter with my family. Most trips to the East Coast are jammed pack with side trips, friend visits, and other exploring. But we used this trip to simply relax and enjoy our time with our family. Because family is everything, and that is the lesson I want my children to learn.

From my family to yours, I hope you get the change to experience this joy and cherish every moment

* Starred photos taken by Atma Photography

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