Temporary:  2017 Solar Eclipse

In August of this year, the United States experienced an awesome sight: a total solar eclipse where the path of totality was right over the center of the country.  Most of the country was able to see at least some part of the eclipse.  In the Bay Area, we were slated to see 75%.


The eclipse happened the last day of school break and both my kids were home with my husband that day.  Due to our lack of planning, we had no solar eclipse glasses, so they were printing out pin sheets to watch the sun’s shadow on paper.  But sadly it looked like the weather was not going to cooperate.


I went into work, planning to head out to the courtyard during the eclipse.  Then a co-worker walks by.  She had extra eclipse glasses and were handing them out.  The eclipse was going to start in 30 minutes.    I called my husband and told him to jump in the car and come up.



Excited to checking out the amazing, I’ll be it, temporary, show in the sky


The kids showed up just in time, and joined me and hundreds others from my office building out on the courtyard watching the spectacle in the sky.  It turned out the cloud cover was the perfect filter.  Often we were able to see the coverage over the clouds.  When the clouds did break, the glasses let us look up at the sun and see the brilliant crescent.



The moon temporarily covering the sun, in the cloud covered sky

After the eclipse, the kids went off to play in a park and we met later for lunch before they went home.  It was an unexpected fun event the family got to enjoy together.



Temporary show in the sky, permanent family memories


This has been a part of the weekly photo challenge:  Temporary

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