Fun and Play @ Shane’s Inspiration Griffith Park

On our first morning in LA, we went on a drive through Griffith Park, looking for a nice trail or scenic spot when we spotted the most amazing playground.   

What an expansive playground

As we go in, my daughter goes straight to the swings, and we notice a whole row of swings suitable for disabled children. As my son goes to the play structure, he runs up a ramp that is the right grade for a wheelchair. There was a whole castle play structure that was easy to access by wheelchair or walker. I began to realize that this playground was special.

The playground was incredibly accessible to all

I found the plaque that explained why. The playground was build after a couple, who lost their child, realized if their child had ever been able to grow, he would have been wheelchair bound and would have had no playground available to them. To ensure that all children would have an opportunity to play, they created a foundation to build accessible playgrounds.

A tribute to Shane, who inspired this wonderland

Everyone enjoyed the play structures. We spent over an hour there playing a variety of pretend games. Everyone got in on the action.

Who doesn’t love playing castle, ship, rescue, etc.

But the best part of the play structure, the part everyone enjoyed over and over again, was the zip line. One of the most amazing memories of that day was watching my kids squeal in delight as they flew through the air. The zip line was hard to tear them away when it was finally time to go.

Flying through the air

Finally, we had to go. We wanted to see Hollywood sign and the kids had exhausted all their energy; they were starting to tip over into overstimulation. We did one last zip run, rounded up the kids, and walked them to the car, ready to head into Hollywood and more LA adventures.

Shane’s Inspriation Griffith Park

  • Address: 4800 Crystal Spring Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027 
  • Hours: Monday – Sunday, 5 AM. to 10:30 PM 
  • Admission: Free 

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