Sweet Baby Cuddles

In May, at 39 weeks pregnant, my sister finally went into labor, and gave birth to my darling niece. Born in the early morning, at 6 pounds, 5 ounces, she was the bundle of joy all could not wait to hold and shower with love.   

What a sweet newborn

Of course, living on the opposite coast I had to wait. The baby was born during the end of the school year, and it made sense to wait until school ended before going to New Jersey. However, once school closed for the year, we packed our bags and jumped on a plane back east for two weeks of sweet baby cuddles.

4 carry ons, 4 backpacks. Carry On only so we could go straight from the gate to the car rental

Once we landed in New Jersey, we got in the rental car and went straight to my sister’s new apartment. My husband jokingly asked if he could get coffee first and I mentioned he could if there was a drive-thru on the way. We parked, and walked up to my sister’s new apartment. She was expecting us and greeted us with an open door. I walked right passed her and picked up my niece out of the cradle. Pure bliss. It was the moment I had been waiting for for months. I got to hold my darling niece and I was not going to let go.

The moment I had been waiting for

Of course, I did eventually have to give her up. And say hello to my sister. And let my husband and children get a chance as well.

Eventually they were able to pry her out of my hands

We spent the afternoon feeding her, changing her, talking, and soaking in the sweet baby smell. But at some point we all wanted to shower after our flight, my dad and grandmother wanted to see the kids, and the kids were getting bored. We had to leave the apartment and my niece. I reluctantly left the apartment, but knowing that the next two weeks I was going to see my niece everyday and get in those sweet baby cuddles every day.

My husband could not wait to get his camera on her*

*Taken by Atma Photography

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