Throwback Thursday: Cabo San Lucas

We haven’t been somewhere tropical in a while, and we unfortunately don’t have any fun international trips planned anytime soon. While looking through TimeHop photos and pictures of others’ vacations on Facebook and in travel blogs, I am trying to quell my thirst with memories of trips past.   

Cabo San Lucas was our 2nd baby moon; but it was really the first “real” trip we took as a family of 3. We didn’t go to see family, we didn’t go to see friends, we didn’t have any help. We went to a resort with a 2 year old to relax (as much as possible) and enjoy each other before a new baby came and our lives were transformed yet again.

My son loves the beach and this was the highlight of the vacation

Actually, we all love the beach, it was the highlight for all of us

In between beach visits, we also spent time pool side, relaxing

One night we took some time for ourselves, hired a babysitter, and took a sunset cruise in the bay

The evening concluded with dinner and a show of traditional Mexican dances

One of best parts of the resort was the one site playground. Every day we would go and let my son burn off much needed energy.

There were lots of things we did on that trip, but there were the little things I cherish the most. Watching my son confidently jump in the water and swim. Sleeping poolside with him curled up on us. Seeing him play in the waves and build sand castles. Walking the marina in the cool evenings as he slept in the stroller. Bonding as a family and truly relaxing and enjoying each other.

The bonding was the best part of the trip

Was it easy all the time; no, not in the least. There were several challenging moments. But I would take that again any day, because the overall experience was so wonderful. With the addition of our daughter, we feel complete. We have even taken a few trips together as a family of four. But none have been about going somewhere beautiful, designed to just relaxing and bond. I hope to do something like this soon, so my daughter gets to enjoy that experience as well, and new memories will be made.

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