Celebrating 10 Years of Marital Bliss:  Manuel Antonio

After our long drive from Arenal Springs to Manuel Antonio, we settled into the Falls Resort, in our private room at the back of the resort.  We ate chocolates while reading the note congratulating us on our anniversary, then hit the pool to get the out kinks from being in a car so long.  


A nice way to be welcomed


The view from our room


Immediately enjoying the infinity pool


The following day was our 10th Hindu Wedding anniversary.  We decided the best way to spend it was on the beach, why we came to Manuel Antonio.  We missed the bus so we took a quick and cheap cab ride down to the beach (just a mile down the road).  There, we found what I’m going to call beach men, a group of men who set up chairs and an umbrella, and brought us menus from the local bars and restaurants.  There was no need to leave, we could order, and they would run to get it and bring it back.  We just needed to pay for it all at the end.  The weather was slightly overcast, so it was breezy, not too hot.  The water was pleasant, so we had a lovely day laying out, reading and occasionally wading in the water.  So different then our beach days with the kids.  


Enjoying Manuel Antonio’s beautiful beaches


Dinner that night was at La Cantina, a restaurant 1/2 mile down the road, with music and excellent food.  We ate to our hearts content, drank an excellent bottle of wine, and listened to the band play.  

Our lovely celebratory dinner

Thursday was our 10th legal and Catholic wedding anniversary.  After a lazy morning of reading, pool, and lunch, we suited up and were picked up for our sunset snorkeling cruise.  On a 70 ft catamaran with Planet Dolphin, we sailed out in the Pacific Ocean and saw dolphins jumping, the jungle of the Manuel Antonio National Park in the distance, and drank while we relaxed and watched the waves.  


Dolphins jumping in the water


A view of the shoreline from the boat


When we anchored, I went out and snorkeled, though honestly, the water was pretty cloudy so the snorkeling was not great


After snorkeling was a dinner of grilled fish kabobs and pasta salad, followed by a spectacular sun set over the water.

Once the sun went in, we went back to shore and vans brought us back to our hotel.  We were full, but still not ready to settle in, so we got dressed up and went out for dessert and drinks to finish up our official 10 years celebration.

Ended the night with yummy dessert overlooking the ocean at night


The next day, we had to check out, but our flight was not until late in the evening, so we stored our luggage at the reception and went to the beach once more.  This time the sun was in full force, so we had to retreat earlier, and get some relief with frozen drinks and shopping.  We went back to our hotel for a bit, used the pool, and finally got dressed and ready for our flight.  

Our private transport picked us up and got us into the airport in plenty of time for our flight.  Unfortunately, since it was late at night, the lounge and all the stores were closed, so we spent a lot of time looking for outlets and playing on the internet.  


We don’t want to leave paradise!

Many, many, many hours later (thank you extra long layover in Houston), we were back in California, rejuvenated as a couple and hugging our kids who were excited to see us.  Well, more importantly, they were excited to see their presents.  

They were estactic to see us return!


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