Throwback Thursday: Traveling Through Time With Fashion

Ok, I know I usually blog about traveling, and traveling with kids, but this is my blog and I can write about what I want.  Today, I choose to use a more liberal use of the word travel to write a photo post about something dear to a few generations.

My mother saves everything.  I mean everything.   Once I found my old car seat in the attic.  Not an old car seat I bought for my kids, the old car seat I actually used.   My mom told me she was saving it for when I had kids.  I told her to toss out the death trap.  It may still be in the attic.

However there are times I’ve greatly appreciated her hoarding ways.  My wedding dress is still stored in her house, and many of my old favorite toys have made thier way back down for my children to use.


Playing with toys popular a generation ago

But by far the most amazing thing my mom saved was children’s clothing.  Her older sister had two daughters, and she handed everything down to my mom who also had two girls.  My mom held on to everything for over 30 years until my little girl was born.  Then the boxes started to arrive.  Boxes, and boxes, and boxes of clothing.  All carefully packed and put away.  Then she really gave me a treat.  She started sending pictures of me, my sister, and my cousins in these dresses.


This romper outfit was very popular in the early 80s


Short little prairie dresses were also a favorite


I was obsessed with this Little Orphan Annie dress; inisiting on wearing it almost everyday so I could sing 'Tomorrow' (the 'Let it Go' of my day). It's amazing the dress made it to my daughter.


My mom loved to have matching dresses, here my daughter is wearing the smaller of the two.


While my sister and I were not happy in this Christmas picture, my daughter rocked both dresses


This dress dates back to the mid 1970s, shown being worn by my oldest cousin (top left hand corner), my sister (bottom left hand corner), and finally my daughter


Here my older cousin wearing this fun, frilly dress from the 70s, and now my daughter


This dress is also from the 1970s, but we could only find pictures of me and my sister in the dress. However, this one seems to have come back in style, and my daughter found a way to make it all her own

Some are very classic 70s and 80s attire, but others are remarkablely timeless.  Seeing my daughter in these clothes brings a joy I never expected.  I’ve made sure to put away out grown items for my sister (should she have a daughter) and hopefully eventually for my granddaughter.   Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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