Yellowstone National Park: Gibbson Falls

After our visit to Grand Prismatic Spring, we had hoped the kids would nap on the way to the next stop, but close to 30 minutes into the drive, we realized that wasn’t going to happen.  We decided to find the first picnic area for lunch.  I saw a picnic area named Gibbson Falls on the map, so when I saw the sign for Gibbson Falls parking lot, we pulled in.  

The kids were more than happy to wiggle out of the car seats and run to the walk path.  We followed it along until we saw to our surprise (thought you would think by the name it wouldn’t have been) a beautiful waterfall.  


Gibbson Falls*

All along the path was a low wall, low enough that the kids could see out and get a good view of the waterfall.  We were also excited to find a pleasant spot with nice views that was not overrun by the summer crowds we had been finding everywhere.  Here we did not need to jostle for a spot to get a picture, or worry as the kids ran off into the crowds.  As we enjoyed the falls, the kids (once they had their fill), ran off to climb rocks and enjoy the site their own way.  


Watching the falls, and climbing rocks. Or as I like to call it, getting the wiggles out.

However, after walking around a bit, we found a few benches (in the glaring sun) but no picnic tables. After looking at the map, I realized the picnic area was a few miles up, on the other side of the road.  

So we took two wiggly bodies, wrestled them back into their car seats, and drove five minutes down the road to the picnic area.  There we got out our sandwich ingredients and fed the kids lunch while overlooking the mountains and trees around us.  


Lunch overlooking the mountains

After lunch and a restroom break for all, we packed back up and hit the road toward our next stop.  Five minutes into the drive, they were fast asleep, having finally gotten all their energy out and with full bellies.

Yellowstone National Park:  $25 a car load, comes with a 7 day pass to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.

Gibbson Falls: Gibbson Falls is both a waterfall and an area in the park. to see the waterfall, look for signs to Gibbson Falls on the right, where there is a small parking lot and a short walking path down to the falls and along the river. There are two picnic areas just up the road, with plenty of private tables, a restroom, and garbage facilities. No visitors center.

*Stared photos taken by Atma Photography

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  1. Why is it, that every time you count the kids will nap in the car, it won’t happen but every time there is no need for them to sleep they fall asleep immediately? 😉 You seem to have a great flexible mind to deal with that though!

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