Granite Hot Springs Pool

It’s a short ride, only 10 miles off the main road.  Okay, 10 miles of dirt road.  That you really should travel at 20 miles a hour on, though my best friend (who grew up in these parts and was driving a Honda Element, not a rental Jetta), said you can go faster. 

I will state up front that I’m not a fan of dirt roads.  I have an irrational fear that the car will get stuck or we will go too close to the edge and roll down a steep embankment.  But at the end of those 10 miles was the promise of a pool fed from a natural hot spring.  I was intrigued. 

I’m not going to lie, the road was bumpy, but quite wide for a dirt road. There were still areas where you had to negotiate with oncoming traffic.  But the drive was beautiful.  Driving through a valley, there were majestic mountains on either side, and a powerful creek streaming along the road. 


Just a little of the scenic drive

At the end was a fuller than I expected parking lot.  We unloaded the kids and bags, and walked down the path and over the bridge to the pool.  Created in 1933, this is a man made pool, on the side of the mountain, fed by a natural hot spring.  It had changing rooms, restrooms, and depths for all swimming comfort levels.  My kids were bursting at the seams with excitement.  We we got their excited, wiggly bodies into swim suits and went to the pool. 


Walking up, can't wait to get there...

At approximately 93°, it’s like stepping into a nice warm bath.  Tons of people were there enjoying the water.  We came with friends who had both brought their babies as well.  The water was the perfect temperature for them (though one was less than happy when his mother decided to dunk him). 


Enjoying this wonderfully warm pool

After about 45 minutes of swimming, jumping, and playing pass the baby, my husband noticed some rain clouds so we decided to hit the road.  The kids whined and complained, not wanting to leave the pool, but were happy to be wrapped in their towels after getting out of the warm water into the suddenly cooler air. 

The drive back the kids were awake, so they amused us by pretending they were in a roller coaster and making screams and moans every bump.  But looking back, everyone had enjoyed the swim and were happy we made the drive.  


Holding on for the roller coaster ride

Granite Hot Springs:  $ 6 for adults, $ 4 for children, under 2 free.  Towel rental available if needed for an additional fee.  Changing room and restrooms available.  Open 10 am – 8 pm in the summer and 10 am – 6 pm in the winter.

3 thoughts on “Granite Hot Springs Pool

  1. I know two children more that would have loved that swim ( since of them often gets car sick I’m not sure I would have loved the excitement of the drive that much…)

    • The road is not curvy but it was just bumpy. Mostly I think the kids screamed during the ride to mess with my frayed nerves.

      But yes, the swim was fantastic. You would think I was the worst parent ever the way they whined about leaving.

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