A Day “In Town” – Jackson, WY

Bondurant, Wy is a small community (population 100), about 50 miles south of Jackson.   It has 1 church,  1 bar,  1 guest ranch, a k – 4 school with 7 students,  and the ranch of my best friend’s parents.

We traveled to Bondurant for the baptism of my god daughter.  The day before, we started the festivities with a day “in town”. 

“Town” is Jackson, one of the most well known cities in Wyoming. It is a larger town with a population of 10,000+, but sees about 1 million come through each summer on their way to Yellowstone.   Driving we were pleasantly surprised to see an Albertsons (major  grocery chain), a Walgreen’s (major pharmacy), several gas stations, and other signs of civilization.  

We chose to come to Jackson so we could picnic at a lovely park with a playground called Miller Park.   Great choice.  The kids had had a quick snooze in the car,  just enough to re-energized them.  They went to the playground like bees to honey.   As they did what kids do (running around, going down slides, playing Anna and Elsa with new friends), I checked out the scenery, the beautiful mountains in the distance,  just outside town. 


A fun playground to let the kids run off energy

Soon the rest of the crew showed up, subs were ordered, beer was flowing, and adults were catching up and chatting about old times and new.  Everyone fawned over the beautiful princess about to be baptized and the  adorable baby boy also in attendance who was 4 months younger but the same size.  There was in impromptu game of soccer with my son and the guys, which made my son incredibly happy. 


Enjoying the babies

Afterwards we walked to the town square.  Famous for its arches made of elk antlers, we had to get up close and inspect.  We wouldn’t be good parents unless we helped our kids onto the platform and let them touch and pull at the antlers, right?


Real Elk Antlers!*

Afterward we went to Moos, because it’s not vacation unless there is ice cream! After each had our fill of yummy homemade ice cream, my son noticed a stagecoach on the square.  “Please can we ride it? Please, please please, PLEASE!”  My son never wants to do anything out of his element; this I have to look into.  Cheap prices, my daughter is free, and it is only a 10 minute wait; sold!


The kids were fascinated with the stagecoach, we had to ride!

The kids were so excited to get on board.  They did the standard pointing out everything they see, waving and calling out to tourists, and making sure Lambie was properly and safely seated between them.  My son could not get over the size of the wheels and the fact that horses were pulling him.  Best $16 ever spent. 


Lambie safely in the middle*

Jackson has a staged old western shoot out at 6 pm everyday, something we saw every gathering to see when we left Moos.  When the stagecoach returned, it had already started.  My son heard the guns and was immediately scared.  We decided to skip watching it to head back to our car. 

After a quick trip to Albertsons to pick up some forgotten items, and Starbucks for a pick me up, we were back in our car driving down to Bondurant, to our quaint little cottage at the guest ranch, and a BBQ with friends. 


Miller Park – A public park with a playground, covered picnic tables, and public restrooms, 3 blocks from the square.

Jackson Square – The square is the heart of Jackson where you’ll find many informative historical placards, good food, and lots of shopping.

Stagecoach Rides – They operate from 9 am – 9 pm with 10 minute rides around downtown Jackson.  $6 for adults, $4 for kids, 2 and under is free. 

Jackson Shootout -Every day, Monday – Saturday, in the summer at 6pm, there is a staged old western shoot out at the northeast corner near Moos.

* Stared photos taken by Atma Photography

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      • He’s growing up. I remember having similar moments with P. We took him to a karate trial class when he was four and he burst into tears and said the fighting was too scary. Nowadays he plays superhero games and we have to tell him to dial it back! It can be such a dramatic change, and I can’t tell you when they find a proper balance between caution and risk-taking, either!

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