Family Reunion

A family reunion is always an amazing thing.  Unfortuantly, due to Hurricane Andrew, one family from South Carolina was not able to make it.  Cousin, you were trully missed.  

However, we still had quite a group, so I thought I would use some pictures to highlight the day:


Honduras, South Carolina, California and Virgina, people traveled far and wide to come.


My sister, who introduced her fiancé to the extended family


My cousin and her family made it all the way from Honduras


My beautiful grandmother surrounded by her lovely friends


It was not that warm, but a pool was available, so the kids HAD to go in it...


Sign of the times, they did not speak the same language, but everyone speaks iPad

* All photos were captured by Atma Photography

This post is a part of Friday Postcards on Walking On Travels

5 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. Family reunions are wonderful. I’m impressed that people traveled so far to attend. Looks like people were having a good time.

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