Goodbye AfterGlobe

When I started my WordPress blog, I discovered the world of travel bloggers; people who write about their experiences traveling for others to read. One of the first to catch my eye was AfterGlobe, a passionate, well written blog about a couple, Kimmy and Drew, who decided to “give up the American Dream and create their own”. They were in debt and decided to change. They made an action plan, downsized their life and were working there way out of debt so they could travel the world. Her articles were an excellent mix of financial advice and travel advice.


Photo Credit: AfterGlobe

What I liked about Kimmy is she’s realistic. She and Drew weren’t wealthy, in fact they were in debt. But they made it work, they were able to still travel a little and pay down debt. They showed how much fun a downsized life can be. They showed you could still have that dream and work toward it. It is not an impossibility. I related to her so much more than the families who travel extensively or non stop who seemed to have never fallen on hard times. In the US most everyone has some debt and to see it is escapable is heartening.

They are a little more than one year away from freedom but sadly the dream will not be fulfilled by Kimmy. I received word that on Friday night her and her husband were in a deadly car accident while driving in a winter storm. Kimmy did not make it. Drew is still in the hospital in critical condition. She leaves behind a daughter, a husband, and a crushed group of followers who will have to try and fill her shoes and live the dream for her.


Photo Credit: AfterGlobe

If you wish to help Kimmy and her family, please visit their Go Fund Me page where the family are raising money for memorial services for Kimmy and medical expenses for Drew.

One thought on “Goodbye AfterGlobe

  1. That’s such a tragic story. It’s true we seem to just accept debt these days as part of a lifestyle package, and it’s good to see people who are prepared to take a step back, assess and reject the package, and then make a plan to invent a package of their own. If only they could have spent more time enjoying the fruits of their labour together.

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