Puerto Madero

One evening, in San Telmo, we were looking for one of Buenos Aires’s ubiquitous rainbow colored play grounds but could not find one. Someone had given us directions toward a park, but we ended up in the wrong direction and at Puerto Madero. After walking back and forth across the river with two anxious and sugared up kids, we decided that they would have to make do with running the river walk.

Puerto Madero is a planned development of Buenos Aires which included a pedestrian friendly river walk on both sides of the Rio de la Plata. The walk is filled with sidewalk restaurants and cafes, cranes, trendy apartments, and a interesting suspension walking bridge, among other things.


The beautiful river walk

We happen to arrive at the river during dusk. My husband had read that the sunset at Puerto Madero was suppose to be a must-do romantic experience. And I have to say it was spectacular. As the sun started to go down, the lighting was perfect for an impromptu photo shoot. The kids were happy running up and down the river walk. My daughter loved looking out at the river. My son liked trying to catch up with all the joggers on the walk. My husband had a great time taking the photographs of the kids in their element.


My husband enjoyed photographing our daughter by the water

Toward the end, we found two sights of interest. The first was a Fragata Sarmiento. This is a floating museum, a ship which Argentinian navel cadets and officer have trained, and has sailed around the world nearly 40 times between 1897 and 1938 , but never saw combat (according to Lonely Planet). The museum was closed by the time we arrive, but the ship looked regal in the night light.


The regal Fragata Sarmiento at dusk

The second was the Puente de la Mujer, a single suspension walking bridge over the Rio de la Plata. By the time we arrived, the sun had set and the lights were on at the bridge. It’s wooden bridge, with a definite hill and sway of a suspension. The kids ran up and down it, my son pushing the stroller most of the time. My daughter liked to run to the top and then run down, squealing with delight at the almost-losing-control feeling as she sprinted down the hill. My husband indulged in a little night photography, taking pictures of the bridge and the ship lit up.


The Puente de la Mujar, a stunning wood suspension bridge

Once everyone had their fill, we went to La Parolaccia Trattoria, a restaurant I had read about in Lonely Planet, that boasted hand-cut fresh pasta. It did not disappoint, with a wine to die for, pasta so good, everyone including the kids, cleaned their plates, and a free bottle of wine as a gift for ordering a special new wine they were promoting. A perfect end to our day (if we hadn’t gotten lost on the way home. But that’s a story for another day…).

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    • So much energy, especially the little one. It was really cute to watch. I just wish we had gotten back to spend more time in that part of town.

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