Museo De Los Niños

For as much as Casa de Barbie disappointed, Museo De Los Niños made up for it and then some.

I had read about this play area in the Passport Parents blog and checked it out on Trip Advisor before deciding we had to go. We almost didn’t make it. We were at the food court to eat beforehand when my son had a meltdown. We contemplated leaving and just going home when he calmed down after getting one of his favorite foods, hummus and pita (just to let you know, it was terrible. But he didn’t seem to notice). He was calm and so we went.

The museum is actually in a shopping mall and has significant corporate sponsorship. It’s a large play area that teaches children about how different careers and places work in a very fun an interactive way. But it’s much more a fun play area, than an educational experience. For those of you from the Bay Area, think Habitot on steroids. It’s two floors of non-stop play.

We started out in the bus, where the kids immediately went in and took seats. Once they realized they could actually pretend drive it, all bets were off. Apparently this bus would only go one place, Target. Next they found the cars, and had a blast climbing in and out. The car, coincidentally also went to Target. (It’s entirely possible I shop there too much…)


Driving the car to Target

The kids also found the bank, where they could give out money and check out the security deposit boxes, the McDonalds, where they could make sandwiches, fries, and flip burgers, and the milk pasteurizing plant where they could push buttons, lift things, and run around a mirror maze (I didn’t quite get the dairy). There was a replicate of water filtration and sanitation, where kids could climb through the tunnels and see the process. My son loved going down the towel bowl for some reason.


There he goes into the toilet...*

They particularly liked the fully stocked supermarket, where they could actually each have their own cart, pick up groceries, take it to the front, ring it up, and pay with the fake money they were given. It was my daughter’s first time driving a grocery cart, so we had a lot of close encounters.


At this age, they enjoy the supermarket process

The favorite however had to be the dock area. The dock had a boat, fake cargo, and a working crane. When I pointed all this out to my son he immediately recognized it as Brendam Docks, from the Thomas the Train series he is obsessed with. Once he made that connection, we could not tear him away. He loved working the crane, loading the freight, and running and climbing all over the ship.


A full working crane*


That moment he realized he was at Brendam Docks*


Happily loading freight onto the crane*

After about an hour and a half, my daughter, who had been keeping up with her brother the whole time, started to lose her balance running down ramps, my first sign she was tired. My son however, still had plenty of energy. To help her last a bit longer, I took her to the baby area. Throughout the museum, there are several 0-3 play areas. They are a shoes off area, with soft toys and sound proofing, for the youngest set to enjoy. Here my daughter enjoyed playing with a toy tool set (my little tomboy), stacking blocks, and watching the other babies.


The quiet and tranquil baby area

After another 1/2 hour, my son said he was “running out of steam”. Sadly, we never made it to the second floor which was suppose to have a dentist office, as well as a TV and Radio studio. We knew the kids were ready to nap so we bribed them out with the promise of ice cream. After a bad fro yo, the kids were both asleep in the stroller before we hit the elevator. That allowed mommy to take advantage of the other stores in the shopping mall and nearby area. A win-win for everyone!


Those two slept soundly

* Starred photos taken by Atma Photography

  • Timings: Monday – Sunday, 1pm – 8pm
  • Fees:
    • Under 2 Free
    • 2 – 13: 60 pesos
    • Accompanying Adults: 20 pesos

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    • The museum was so much fun we went back. However the toilet and dock area were still such a draw we barely scratched the surface of the 2nd for which had a candy factory, a dentist office, and a truck area where you could fill the tank, clean the windows, change the tires or just play with the trucks on a road that had hills and a bridge. That place is awesome.

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