New York, New York, Part 2: When the Kids are Away the Adults Will Play

After a brilliant dinner at Otto in the East Village, we were ready to explore my favorite city…


The lovely thing about not having our early bird son with us was the ability to sleep in. We did just that, leisurely getting ready for our day and not getting out of the hotel until 10:30 am. By then we were hungry, but we wanted to got to Waverly Diner, said to be one of the top 10 diners in NYC. We walk 30 minutes in the rain. (We kept expecting the rain to let us and by the time we realized it was just getting harder, we were not near a convent subway stop so we just finished the walk). The meal did not disappoint, omelets brought out in a skillet with amazing home fries. My husband said the coffee was good, and it was bottomless. Needed on a cold rainy day.

Chelsea Market

We later took the subway to Chelsea Market on the advice of a friend. A converted old building in the historic meat packing district, it’s been turned into a high end food market. We had just eaten so we weren’t hungry, but instead admired the food and shops. My husband enjoyed photographing the architecture while I enjoyed looking the photo exhibit on display. In an independent bookstore, we found a Spanish/English book for the kids, then found snacks. I got a Nutella and Strawberry crepe, while my husband got a perfect cappuccino and croissant. We then left and walked around the Chelsea area for a while.


The beautiful architecture of Chelsea Market*

Lunch/Dinner at Spice

At 3 we decided to get an early lunch dinner at Spice, a Thai chain. Very good quantity for the value. I had dumplings as an appetizer (included with lunch special) and seafood rice bowl as my entree. I was so full I couldn’t finish my food. A homeless person noticed through the window and asked if he could have it. So as my good deed of the day I had it wrapped up and brought it out to him. He was very grateful, and even came back as we were leaving to tell me how good it was! After lunch we headed back to our room to get ready for the evening.


Yummy steamed dumplings

Century 21

On our way back to the hotel, my husband simultaneously remembered he forgot a belt and that Century 21 was next door! Looks like my love for shopping occasionally rubs off on him He was shocked to learn I didn’t know of the store and was excited to introduce me to it. He was right. Century 21 is one of those fantastic stores that sells brand name items for deep discounts, usually off season or overstock. For those in the US, think TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, but set up like a Macy’s. Designers are usually together. My husband searched for a belt, and I took the opportunity to look for a new casual blazer at Calvin Klein and Tahari. Neither of us bought what we were searching for, but we both walked out with fabulous new designer sunglasses for less than $20 each.

Jersey Boys

Earlier in the day we had scored discount tickets to see the Tony Award winning musical Jersey Boys. I plan to write more on this experience alone later. But let me say that it was one of the best shows I’ve seen. Again, as a Jerseyite, I might be biased.


Being grown ups and seeing a show on broadway...with sippy cups of alcohol...

Midnight Stroll

After a quick bite to eat after the show, it was just 10pm, free of kids, neither of us were not in the mood to go home, so we decided to wander around midtown. We headed up and noticed Time Square so we headed in that direction. Now, I’ve been a 100 times and I don’t care how touristy it is, I still love it. I’m in Marketing, so to me, I’m fascinated to see the ads that are in the center, how new video is being used well (but ABC) or poorly (Aerie), and what the ads say about our culture today. All the tourists taking pictures can be annoying, but I love sitting in the middle feeling the rush of energy and looking and analyzing all the ads.

Afterward we made our way up to Rockefeller Center, the first time I think I’ve seen it without the tree. However, the ice ring was set up, so it was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.


The skaters were already out on the ice.*

But all good things must come to an end. By midnight we were tired, and started our trek back to the hotel. A fire on the track caused a delay and so we didn’t get back to our room until well after 1am. We crashed out in bed, exhausted but fulfilled from our day in the city.

We had one more day and we planned to make the most of it… in the coming posts.

* Stared photos taken by Atma Photography

** For more, read New York, New York, Part 1: We Finally Arrive

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