Mathematical Models Employed For Practical Use

Apartment hunting for Buenos Aires got underway last week. My husband and I (and by that I mean mostly I) spent entirely too much time on TripAdvisor looking for an apartment based on availability, access to public transit, number of bedrooms, and of course cost. After creating a ridiculous spreadsheet listing all features and each individually coming up with a ranking system (did I mention both my husband and I are complete math nerds?) to aid in our decision on which apartment to rent, we each had a different #1. Sigh…

I came around to my husband’s methodology (he claims to be a better mathematician) and contacted the owner of a two bedroom condo in the Belgrano neighborhood. They had good reviews, seemed family friendly and the price was right. After a quick read on Passport Parents, I found that the neighborhood was exactly what we were looking for: well connected by public transit, but residential and family friendly with lots of playgrounds. I contacted the owner with my remaining questions and got a timely response.

Yes its available. […]Yes housekeeping is included. […]We have a pack and play in the apartment.

A pack and play? I won’t have to bring one or rent one? I stopped reading right there. Sold!

Deposit was paid with credit card (which makes me more comfortable) and the balance is paid in cash when I arrive at the apartment. The owners have been pleasant to talk to and always quick to respond. We are so excited for our upcoming trip and having a place to call “home” in Buenos Aires, albeit for only 2.5 weeks.


Yes, that’s a picture of U2 in the living room. How can you turn that down?*

You can check out the apartment on Facebook. And if you know of any great neighborhood gems please share!

* Photo cursory of the owner. You can view more photos on their Facebook Page

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