2021 – The Year that Surprised Me Most of All

Every December I like to reflect on the year and write a blog post wrapping up the year. After two rough years I entered 2021 with something I have never done before:  no goals and no expectations. I did not have any travel plans set in stone. I did not set any measurable goals for the blog, my career, or my life. I wanted a reset year. I wanted a year where I could just be; rest, relax, and recharge. It turns out that was exactly what I needed. 2021 was the year I saw an immense amount of growth, both personally and professionally.

20 Tips to Save on Your Next Family Vacation

When you are young and single, travel does not seem that expensive because you are just covering yourself. Then you partner up, and it almost feels cheaper as you have someone to split the cost with. But then you add on a few free loaders (albeit very cute) who required paid tickets but do not…