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An Adventure at Sea – Sailing and Snorkeling with Waka Sailing
Tranquility in the Jungle – Wapa di Ume, Ubud
Cooking with Bali Pesto Cafe
Dancing with Fire – Kecak Fire & Trance Dancing
A Day in the Balinese Life
In the Garden of the Gods – Ulun Danu Beratan Temple Complex
Luxury in the Jungle – The Menjangan Resort
Monkeys and Deer and Starlings, Oh My! – Bali Barat National Park
Riding into the Sunset – Horseback Riding at the Menjangan
Robin Turns 40 – Celebrating in Bali, Indonesia
The Wildwood Boardwalk
Keyport Fireman’s Fair
People – Want to Be Happier? Live Near Water, Research Shows
The Wildwoods – The Favorite Family Resort Town of the Jersey Shore
How to be a Caretaker and NOT go Insane – Adventures at Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Hiking and History in Folsom, CA
A Summer of Uknown Travel
Disneyland Splurge vs Save
Keyport, NJ – An Ode To My Home Town
Churches of Malta
Fresh Ġbejna cheese – from the Merilla Eco Food and Wine Tour
Ultralight Parking – Is it Worth it?
Merill Eco Food and Wine Tour
3 Days in Philidelphia with my Dad
Where is home?